Meet the family

Mama Mei aka Sophie Mei Lan

I’m the bellydancing breastfeeding Mama (former BBC / ITN / Mirror Journalist) who tries to be a gentle parent but sometimes loses her rag with being a stay-at-home-working-mum.

I’m a self-labelled “Mad Mum” as I candidly share my battles with mental illness as well as promoting fitness, body positivity and holistic health tips.

Daughter 1: Jasmine

The girl that made me a mum. The best and most surprising gift ever! Jasmine is now 5, attends school (as she decided she wanted to rather than being home educated). She certainly knows her own mind and is switched on, caring and driven. 

Daughter 2: Arianna

My two-year-old Ari is a tough, simple and wonderful little girl who lives for the moment. She scared us by nearly dying when she was a baby but has made up for it with her vivacious self!