Can’t believe it is here. Three months until we get hitched and more importantly (to him), it’s his first one of two stag weekends. Watch out Stratford (Las Vegas next).

So I suspect it’ll be a weekend full of sport, far too much booze, stitching each other up and other ‘Stag stuff.’

But rather than wallow and wonder what he’s doing, I’ve been looking forward to this weekend, a girly one full of pampering, crafts and dancing.

Here’s how to make the most of it when your partner is away:

  1. Relax: Whatever he/she is doing, they’ll still do regardless. Enjoy these times to fill the fridge with what you want, watch whatever you want on TV and go to bed when you want.
  2. Pamper: My partner dropped our daughters and I off at my mums so I could sneak out and have a facial and trial makeover for our wedding from Aloha Vintage Beauty. I also got some work done too.
  3. Friends: Use the time to see family and friends. We’re all guilty of getting comfortable and staying in all the time. But even when I’m anxious about leaving the house, I always feel better after some time with my close friends.
  4. Dance: Moving lots and doing sports always boosts my mood and makes me feel good about myself. So if you are a wallower set yourself a sporty task or even better just blast on some music and go crazy dancing.
  5. Crafts: I love doing crafts as it helps me to relax, whilst also achieving something. Luckily for me my Mum is an artist who delivers workshops but if you don’t know anyone who does crafts, get inspired by Pinterest and DIY or google and call your local community centre or find them on Facebook.