Feel-good in your mind, Healthy tips, recovery stories and holistic health ideas.


Wellbeing is simply defined as the “state of being comfortable, well or happy.”

Whilst it may sound simple, the reality of having good holistic health can be challenging.

The New Economics Foundation dives a bit deeper and describes wellbeing as the following: “Wellbeing can be understood as how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and a social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole.”

In this section, we share tips on holistic health to look after your mind, body and soul as a whole… whereas wellness which is focused on ‘physical wellbeing’ is mainly covered in our feel-good fitness section.

Here in Wellbeing, we explore unique, quirky and mainstream ways to improve your overall wellbeing and achieve your life goals. From finding your ‘purpose’ and improving your emotional wellbeing to complementary & alternative therapies and creative ideas… it is a space to explore everything from positive mindset courses and life coaching to spiritual musings.., whatever works for you.

Click Here and go to blog post where we will kick off with the NHS’s Five Ways to Wellbeing as a basic guide to boosting your overall wellbeing.


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