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Anxiety Attack

We’ve all got mental health but how often do we train our minds to take care of our own wellbeing?

Now’s the time to take positive control over our own mental health as much as possible. Whether you need a brain booster or inspirational quotes to pick-me-up… or perhaps learn to practice some self-love or find the best mental health apps, resources and self-help hacks.

From raw and real talk around serious mental illness to helping you strengthen your mind, body and soul… we’ve got you sorted.

“When you’re falling… dive” right in and go straight to what will help you now: Click the links for Motivational Quotes to give you a boost, Mental Health Help with our database of helplines and services to support you or some self-care tips or perhaps the best exercise for your mental health.

I know myself, as a ‘mental health patient’ and ‘service-user,’ the importance of a wide range of tools because no-one size fits all when it comes to what helps us.

You can watch some of my story of living with mental health problems from depression and anxiety to an acute psychotic disorder in the vlog (to the left of this or read on below) and how I have learned to manage mental illness and even thrive with it.

"With every genius mind is a tincture of madness… although in my case I say creative mind."

I wanted to create this Mental health and Wellbeing blog (and YouTube channel) as an honest peer-to-peer support magazine for all those actively seeking to improve or maintain good mental health. Especially for those who are different to the ‘stereotypes’ and struggle to ‘fit in’ with mainstream services or ‘criteria.’

“You are not broken, you are healing”

It is also my real life recovery journey to living a holistically healthy life as an ambitious single mum surviving and thriving with mental illness whilst keeping fit, motivated, smiling and striving for success whilst empowering others by sharing highs and lows of life.

I share my mental health hacks, best gifts for mental health, self-care ideas and my rollercoaster transformation from self-harm to self-love. Plus the best mantras and mental health quotes (forget the crazy cat lady, I am the crazy positive affirmation lady!).

“You haven’t come this far, just to come this far.”

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Mental Health First Aid England, Mind Charity, Rethink and Beat Charity – check all of these charities out for more professional help. Whilst this blog includes guest posts by professionals, it is not a replacement for treatment or professional help – it is to share ideas which have helped us as complex human beings and to give a voice to people from all backgrounds to share their experience. On that note if you have an inspiring story to tell…

please, email us via the Contact page.

The BEST Positive affirmations and quotes to keep you and friends going:

You haven’t come this far just to go this far

With every genius mind is a tincture of madness

This wave will pass

You were perfect since the day you were born

Today is a new day

The world is a better place with you in it

No man / woman is an island

This wave will pass

I embrace change

You are so loved