I met mums suffering, like I did, with mental health problems…
In this film, mums share their experiences of dealing with their varying mental health issues whilst caring for their babies.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqjncVUv_8s]

Being a parent can be hard enough without the added stress of being a mum dealing with mental health problems.

Not only does Post-natal Depression and Psychosis affect the mum, but the whole family too.

Mental Health Awareness Week this year profiles the impact mental heath can have on ‘relationships’.

Film-maker and mum-of-two Sophie Mei Lan documents her own journey, in this powerful film about mums and mental health.

Sophie is a freelance journalist/film-maker, blogger/vlogger and dancer based in the North of England.

To follow Sophie’s story, go to her blog: mamamei.co.uk or follow her @MamaMeiBlog @SophieMeiLan

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