Whether it's dropping your child off at school for the first time or waving your teen off to college or university. For a lot of us, including myself, this month is about letting go and slackening the reins on those we care about.
I, like many, have found myself in a distinctly quieter house this week.

During the summer chaos when you're juggling between your adopted role as a child entertainer, a chef, a referee and a cleaner, you crave for some silence, you wish for some time, just to get on with your chores.
And now it's here, the silence is deafening. I find myself seeking solace in the noise of the radio and TV as I try to cram in some work assignments at home in between the school drop offs and pick ups.

But the reality is, that the hardest thing about caring for someone is being able to let go of them, let them flourish, whilst always being there in the background for when they may need you.
A good parent or carer isn't judged by how many selfies you take together.

I'm learning that to be a good parent I need to do what is truly the best for my daughters, not what I feel is right for me, because they need to live their own lives.

I just can't help but want to protect them from the wrongs of the world and it scares me that they could endure some of the bullying that I went through.

My own view of school is tarred with bad memories of the bullying, feeling inadequate and not fitting in.
I just can't stand the thought that she could feel those things and I'm allowing her to experience how cruel other human beings can be.

But I know this is my problem not hers. I also comfort myself with the fact that my husband had a very different experience to me and he recounts his school, college and university days with great fondness.

So whilst this period maybe difficult to adjust to, put in place positive ways you can fill your own life, as you learn to let go.


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