Most of us are busy being busy these days and very few of us make space for “me time” but as a person who has suffered from mental health problems since aged 10, I have become pretty good at self-care (finally).


So here are some top tips to look after yourself:

    • Pamper: There’s nothing I love more (other than my family/friends obvs) than having a facial, having my eye brows threaded and a good aromatherapy massage.


  • Date day: Go on a date day with yourself. Shopping, treats, whatever turns you on. Burlesque teacher Bella Fields inspired me to do this.sophie mei lan mama mei at kenwood hall hotel swimming pool spa up and running sophie mei lan mum runner sport exercise mama mei
  • Bath: I LOVE having a relaxing bath on my own. Some scented candles and drops of Lavendar… this is my ultimate indulgence when I have a child-free hour or two.
  • Holidays: “I go away! It’s the only way for me to properly relax and get a break. Usually with friends because we live a long way from family so my husband has to look after the children! I even managed a whole weeks holiday with my sister in January, just the two of us, it was amazing. I always come back feeling utterly refreshed and rejuvenated. If I can’t get away for a whole weekend, I take half a day, or a day and go into the city on my own, and take my time to do only things I couldn’t fully enjoy with my young children! And if all of that isn’t on the cards, a bath a big glass of wine and an book or audio book,” said Kate from www.fivelittlestars.commama mei taman negara pahang malaysia travel blogger blog parenting
  • Running: Lucy at said: “Back in December I had an afternoon without either of my kids, for the first time since my second son was born 13 months earlier.  I also do park run on Saturday mornings – the prospect of an hour of peace does wonders for my motivation!”running wear brookes running gear up and running sports clothes mum runner sporty women sophie mei lan mama mei
  • Sleep: “Sleep…just sleep! Any chance I get for a quick catch up nap, I’ll take it! I just never get enough,” said Carol at  https://www.familymakes.comsophie mei lan mum model tom bootyman photography
  • Coffee: Irina at said: “Sometimes I have a proper coffee break at work, so I go get an obscenely expensive and sugary coffee from Starbucks and aimlessly wander about some nearby shops.”stockeld park hot drink coffee hot chocolate mama meichannel mum mug selfie mama mei

Why self-care is important:

    • If you run a business/have a career: Julie Roberts at Impelling Solutions said that sleep, exercise and your overall health has a huge impact on how well you run your business/career.


  • Mental Health: I am a big believer that we can help our own mental health through self-care. At the moment, I don’t feel stable enough to have counselling but I do have aromatherapy treatment which I love.
  • Happiness: Self-care isn’t selfish. I know by making myself happy, my positivity rubs off on those around me.
  • Physical Health: Self-care isn’t all about indulgence. Sometimes I love dancing,running and going to the gym Other times I hate it and just want to wallow at home. But I know that by getting out and keeping fit i.e. looking after myself my entire health improves.


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Life isn't always as perfect as it may seem. When we share our lives on social media it can seem like we have it all figured out and that the normal daily stresses and worries don't apply to us. We can seem untouchable. This is so far from the truth. I'm struggling with anxiety/PND and I just wanted to share that just because I *seem* to have my shit together doesn't mean that's the whole story. Yes, I get up every day and get things done, I'm active in my community, I help people on a daily basis and try to give people as much value as I possibly can. I meet deadlines and produce content regularly. But I still feel what I'm sure many of you feel too. We all have choices, we make things happen despite issues we face or we fall victim to the issues that we face. Those of us who are trying to build a business, in most cases are doing it for our kids and so keep them firmly in your mind when you are having a bad day or a wobbly moment. So much love to you all. ❤️❤️

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