I join the rest of the Connecticut delegation

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A short while later, a borderline 45 was awarded to Kevin McManamon, which Dean Rock converted. Therein lay a two point swing. All three decisions would have benefitted from a second look. This morning, senseless and terrible violence rocked our community as gunmen wounded 13 innocent people in Bridgeport, ambushing them during a house party. As federal law enforcement joins with our local investigators to bring those responsible to justice, we will all be hoping for the full and speedy recoveries of the victims and are grateful to the first responders and medical personnel working to save lives. I join the rest of the Connecticut delegation https://www.pandora-charm-uk.com/, and all people who care about a safer country for our families, in calling on Congress to take action to prevent these mass shootings and the daily gun violence that affects so many Americans instead of standing in cowardly silence.

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