Two quick goals from Cougars ended the quarter 3 2 to the Roos

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Kay showed plenty of run and had the Roos’ second major on the board. Two quick goals from Cougars ended the quarter 3 2 to the Roos 2 1. The second quarter had inaccuracy from both sides. The margin was mostly very small for an injury decimated lineup. One of Petro’s best coaching jobs. The season is long and by the last game the lack of depth caused by injuries took its toll.

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With all the lack of support, all the rubbish throw athim,all the media fnas against him atleast he is not giving up. So many other men would have just given in. At least he has the guts to fight to it out.Proper fans back? Who are proper fans? Regardless whois the manager, the 13000 who are supporting the team are the proper fans.

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