Newsflash folks we know how to honor our own citizens and we

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On our most recent trip to the Palm I noticed a new addition to the uniforms embroidery on the jackets of the servers denoting how long they been working for the Palm. Those brave souls that make a solid career out of waiting tables and (perhaps most notably) do so with style, class, and much success. However it wasn until I saw that several of the servers had numbers on their sleeves in the double digits with a few breaking into the twenties that I realized just how long some of them had been working there.

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Bogie, Winner of Best in Working GroupBogie, a Samoyed, is shown in the ring by it’s handler Andrew Green during the Working group competition at the 140th Westminster Kennel Club dog show, Feb. 16, 2016, at Madison Square Garden in New York. Bogie won best in Working group.

Cheap Jerseys china We ordered appetizers, making choices partly in the spirit of trying some of the Dutch dishes on the menu. Philippo named the place after his hometown: Lisse, Holland. “Huis” is the Dutch word for house. It is not an honor in any manner. Newsflash folks we know how to honor our own citizens and we don’t need sports teams to do that. Secondly if there was a sports team name the N word I suspect that many people posting here would be outraged against that, but hey as long as it is a term against Native Americans well that doesn’t count. Cheap Jerseys china

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