She was told by German casting agents that her face was “not

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“It never really worked out for me in my own country,” Traue said in lightly accented English. She was told by German casting agents that her face was “not classic enough it doesn’t fit” and that she was, in an odd way, almost too eye catching. “They said, ‘You’re not famous enough for the lead roles, and you’re too present for the supporting roles you’d overpower the lead,'” Traue recalled..

‘Like from the age of 4, I was dragging my parents to the gay parades because I wanted to yell loud and proud. Couple marry at a hospice in an emotional last minute. Parents’ anger as ‘Three Girls’ paedophiles return to. The Minnesota native and oft dubbed “Face of the Games” for the United States team was the favorite in the women’s downhill, but her true health remains somewhat of a mystery; she said the bumpy course caused her pain in her injured leg during practice runs. Vonn has proven her toughness before. Should she do it again today in victory, all of the hype will be more than justified..

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