New Year’s Resolutions: Why I won’t be vowing to ‘lose weight’ and neither should you


For the first time in more than a decade I will not be writing ‘lose weight’ on my New Year’s Resolution list. Why?

Because I’ve spent my life trying to tone, sculpt and starve myself, treating myself like some sort of imperfect sculpture that can be cut or carved.

Depending on my mood that is.

My pursuit for perfection has never stopped, so much so, I have quite literally put my life on the line for endless goals to change my body and the way I look.

And none of it brought me happiness nor contentment. Even when I was ‘fashionably’ skinny – my personal-life was far from glamourous.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally happy with my body and the way I look but I am pledging to be healthy in my mind and body this New Year.
Sack the dieting, the obsessive calculating of calories and, the expensive supplements.

I am due to get married early Summer 2016 so I want to GLOW and that comes from the inside (and some shimmer powder on the outside).

Yes I strive to be healthy but that’s in the mind and the body.
You’re mental health and self worth should arguably come before your physical disposition.

Because if we get those two right then it’s much more likely you’ll want to eat for nourishment, you’ll want to walk or run for the fresh air  and most of all, you’ll want to live in the moment. Cue this year’s buzzword – mindfulness (anchoring yourself in the here and now).


Just breathe as every breath is precious.

I’m not saying to give up on New Year’s Resolutions because like many I love goal-setting.
But how about this year we aim to treat ourselves like an expensive diamond? So precious and so beautiful with a whole lot of worth.

Plus I am sure that by being more kind to myself and trying to be holistically healthy, my view of myself will shift to be more positive, regardless of my weight.

And it sounds OTT but I want to learn to love myself a little (or A LOT but I am trying to keep my resolutions realistic here). And so should you.

Still want to ‘lose weight?’

As soon as I consumed the idea of dieting aged 11 my whole behaviour around food changed.

Food became a comfort.

Then food became a punishment.

Food used to give me a sense of control but in fact it was controlling me.

I’m still in recovery from a long dark past of eating disorders.

And I’ve learnt that by treating yourself well, even when you don’t feel like you want to, the wave of self-destruction soon passes.

So ride the wave, as my therapist used to say

Please join me in not ‘losing weight’ but aiming for a healthy and happy New Year.
Let’s take control of our own lives and not let food or the dieting industry control us.

Cherish the moment and yourself.

Please comment or tweet me with your New Year’s resolutions using the hashtag #NewYearLoveMe (note: I don’t like the phrase ‘new year new me’).


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  • Well said Mamamei! My new year resolution is to choose food not based on calorie content, fat content or sugar content but based on the ways in which it can nourish and heal me. Miss you, Bella xx

  • Hi! I totally agree with you.Whenever I feel the need to ‘lose weight’ I turn it around to ‘being healthy.’ I take my bike and walk more, try to do more exercise and take a look at my diet, trying to eat as healthily as possible without cutting things out drastically. It always seems to have worked for me! #twinklytuesday


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