Wedding blog: What colours should I wear? Here’s what gave me a “natural face-lift” and a glow

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I love bright red, gold and black, so I’ve spent my life wearing these colours, without ever knowing what actually suits me.

As my wedding day is looming I thought it is my bride-to-be necessity to find out what colours I should be wearing.
My trip to see a style consultant
I visited a lovely shop in Orchard Square, Sheffield called Roseannah run by a new friend of mine called Rachel Salway.
I sat in front of the mirror as if I was sat at at a beautiful boutique hair salon.
Rachel put gold and silver on either shoulder to check to see what made me glow the most giving me “a natural face lift.”
I was hoping for Gold.
318983_10151224546085890_522873550_n (1)
But after some deliberation, Rachel said I could pull off both gold and silver (result!!).
She then tried different shades and colours on each shoulder to see whether I suited warm or cool colours.
In the end, I looked better wearing warm colours and gold, which I was pleased about, but it also showed me different autumn colours that suit me as well.
Rachel then showed me scarves and jewellery which helped to give me that natural face lift.
The whole experience was well worthwhile and has helped me to get rid of some of my clothes which don’t suit me as well.
I am also somewhat relieved as I had already themed our wedding bright red and gold… so I got lucky!
I’d urge all of you to get your ‘colours done.’
For more information, go to:

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