Healthy meals: Our top 5 dishes of the week

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  1.  Mexican eggs
    Eggs poached in spicy Mexican sauce with jalapenos and black eye beans. We had this as a lovely alternative to a cooked breakfast. It made a great brunch and gave us the kick we needed to start the day.
    mexican eggs
    To add something extra, try prawns (if you’re not vegetarian like me).
    mexican eggs
  2. Tofu/Smoked Salmon salad with a pea and spinach pesto and toasted almonds.
    smoked salmon salad almonds tofu salad with almonds
  3. Coconut Thai broth: Prawns/tofu with brown rice.
    thai coconut curry 
    My partner eats meat and seafood whereas I’m a vegetarian so I often eat seasoned tofu as a substitute.
  4. Banana and cranberry loaf or Buckwheat loaf.
    buckwheat bread banana and cranberry cake
    I love making these loaves as I just chuck in the flour (chickpea or Buckwheat), honey, soft fruits, a bit of bicarb and some almond milk and eggs to mix. Then put the loaf in the oven with almonds or walnuts and oats scattered on top to add a crunchy texture.
  5. Cauliflower Cous Cous
    This was just mint, cauliflower, tomatoes chopped up, chilli, red onion and pepper. A great lunch or a light tea.
    cauliflower cous cous


  • Homemade fruit tea:

This is a great way to use up unwanted fruit off cuts. We used pineapple skin, cranberries and apple cores in boiling water, we then sieved it and boiled it in the kettle for a powerful fruit tea.

fruit tea

  • Cucumber and Lemon water with a dash of sugar:


A great pre-workout drink or just something to give you a kick and, quench your thirst throughout the day .

For the full recipes please comment below of which recipe you’d like and, Chris and I will share it with you.

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