The best and worst moments of our lives

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Last year started off so well with the amazing birth of my beautiful baby girl Arianna until tragedy struck us.
The worst possible thing happened. Arianna stopped breathing.
We spent the hardest most dreadful time of our lives in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit not knowing whether Arianna would pull through. Here’s a video I made called #SaveMyBaby.
I wrote a lot of poetry during those dark moments to help keep us positive. This poem’s about the nurses aka angels who looked after my baby when we could not:

Little angels 

Little angels are at play 
Everyday in this place of the sick 

Gliding around the wards checking 
Nothing’s untoward
Seemingly without a care in the world
But with all the care in the world 


Pulses and problems 

Our children are sick 
But they’ll pull through 
As long as we have you 

YOU too 

Looking over us 
All messaging 
All praying 
All thinking 

My dear child is too young to touch death 
But we’re blessed you’re out of that mess 

You’re alive 
You’re alive 

The main thing my cherub 
Is you’ve survived 

Thanks to the little angels you’re alive. 
You travelled for nine months in my womb 
Lots of wriggles in the little room
I loved you then
I loved you as soon as you’d slid out
And without a doubt 
We all love you now

You went grey and lifeless in my arms 
Your sweet breaths halted 
In what resulted in a fight for your life

Now in your hospital bed 
With tubes coming in and of your 
little body 
You’re too small to recall 
Your darkest days 
Thank God 

We know you’ll pull through 
You have got everyone around you 
You have the whole world to see 
People to meet 

But for now just compete 
For that precious life of yours 
We can ask no more 

Our days and nights are far apart 
To what we had before
But we are here little Arianna 
We are here 
Every step of your journey 
We are here 

We were so fortunate that Arianna did pull through and we could hold our little cherub again.
Last year we experienced some of the worst moments of our lives. But this year, yes this year is, and will be, the best.
To celebrate Arianna’s life and 1st birthday she is being baptised at the weekend.
And to celebrate one of our best moments I’ve written this poem to read at the baptism:
Arianna’s baptism
It was just one year ago when our beautiful baby greeted us so 
A smooth birth
 a warm welcome to the world 
But a few months later 
Our world was tainted 
when you my baby 
Had your last breath 
You Touched death my child 
We were all by your side 
Praying, wishing, pleading for you
To pull through 
And you did 
Thank you all for helping Arianna 
And us 
To cope, to not give up hope 
We know we were the lucky ones 
To come out of that place with you 
Breathing, believing, breathing, believing
And here you are now 
Almost one 
Giggling, clapping, walking and trying talking 
With no memory of the nightmare that had unfolded before you 
We will never forget 
But you will never remember 
Keeping growing baby 
You’ve saved me and all of us 
As we live for you
We will always cherish Your sister Jasmine and you 
Every breath
Every memory 
It is us, our family 
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