Chinese New Year: How to celebrate the Year of the Monkey

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Today marks the start of the two week holiday for Chinese New Year so it’s a great time to have a spring clean and spend some time with the family.
It’s also a fab time to rejig and refresh those New Year Resolutions that you didn’t stick to 😉

Here are my top tips for celebrating the new New Year:

– Learn some Chinese:

It’s one of the most useful languages to learn. Start with a few basics so you can have a simple conversation in Chinese.

– Paint or make a Chinese character:

Not only will it help you learn the language but you could paint or make the character for love to make a valentines day card or present.
I made it out of fimo:


– Make your own fortune Cookies:

They’re edible crackers and you can make up your own fortunes. They make great gifts too.

– Act out the Chinese New Year story:

Get your family and friends together. Pick a narrator/conductor to read the story and the rest of you have to act as the different animals.

– Play a chop stick game:

See how many sweets you can pick up in 30 seconds using chopsticks.
The winner gets to keep the sweets they picked up.

– Give a red packet ‘Ang Pow’ to your kids:

Traditionally these red envelopes contain money but why not make your own Ang Pows and fill it with treats.

– Draw the Chinese Horoscope:

Draw around a plate to make a circle then fill it in with all the different star signs.
This year is the Year of the Monkey.


Oh and here’s me eating noodles and breastfeeding at our Chinese New Year meal out:


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