Fitness secrets: The best way to get fit and strong

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Most of us start to focus on getting fit in time for the Summer months.  But with busy schedules and little time to train – what is the best and most efficient way to tone your physique?

I spoke to Natalya Magalhaes who runs Hera Dance which trains and promotes dancers to work in venues across the globe, specialising in Samba and hostessing. Natalya, herself a trained dancer and performer, shares her secrets to staying strong and toned whilst running a business:

  • Weight training: Dividing muscle groups a minimum of three times a week.
  • High intensity, heavy weights, minimum reps and minimum rest between sets in and out of the gym in one hour.
  • A cardio day: 45 mins of cardio once or ideally twice a week.
  • Yoga and Barre training is great for flexibility and elongating muscles so that the weight training doesn’t make you look bulky.
  • A good Monday: A good start to the week is key to psychologically sticking to fitness plans
  • A realistic plan: Plan around your business. Having an overly ambitious fitness plan can be daunting and lead to disappointment if you can’t make it due to business commitments.
  • Listening to your body clock: Early birds should work out in the morning and night owls in the evenings. It will make sure you stick to your plan as well as achieving the best results in your training session.


Natalya says: “I find that these are the most effective methods to achieve a toned figure.”

For more information on Hera Dance, go to:

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