Wedding planning: should you hire a wedding planner? 

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I’ve had two years to plan my wedding and I’ve spent a lifetime dreaming about my big day (sad, but it’s true).

So when my partner Chris popped the question just over two years ago – I thought “great, I’ve finally got a groom to complete my plans.”

But all those “plans” were actually just ideas and as time has flown by, those ideas have just brought sheer panic and dare I say it, stress.

I’ve got so lost in the endless wedding planning process that I started to forget the basics of what a wedding is about – two people showcasing their love and commitment to one another.

But I’m not going to lie, for me, it’s even more than that. I want a colourful day to remember filled with laughter, dancing and love.

I thought I could create all of that by myself as I had apt time to do so.

But with two young kids, work, dance and, logistics and negotiations not being my strong point, it’s just not happened .

I’ve been reluctant to hire a wedding planner.

Until now.

My Dad, seeing I was being overwhelmed by organising, recommended a colleague of his who plans weddings in her spare time as a new business.

So I agreed to have a meeting with her.

We had coffee and went through the timeline of the day and wedding planner Jody suggested some tweaks and added some other workable ideas.

It really helped having all the stuff in my head being written down in a realistic and manageable order.  As well as having her knowledge from organising several weddings.


Delegation is Key 


After my first meeting with wedding planner Jody I could definitely see why Wedding Planners are a great idea. And in turn can save you money by thinking of ideas within your budget.

I think it’s nice to have a mix of doing it yourself but having someone else to oversee everything and being a point of contact on your big day.


Time is precious 


I love entertainment, as I’ve worked lots as a dancer and actress, so I knew what I wanted for this.

What’s great is, I’ve sorted it out myself and, can just give Jody and the sound technician at the venue the details. Because I want to spend my wedding seeing people and having a laugh, rather than spend my time checking the running order and panicking what’s happening next.


Go with what you love


For my fiancé Chris, he loves good food, so he’s asked his good friend Jimmy to sort out the catering and menu, as he’s ran lots of successful pop-up restaurants.


At least we know that everything is on hand and we can just enjoy our day.


It’s amazing how much planning just one day takes!


So if you’re still asking: “Wedding planners – what’s the point?”


I always thought it was just a dream ‘made up’ job that people decided to do. Who wouldn’t love planning a wedding?!

That is until your wedding is just around the corner and you’re getting pulled in every direction and you can’t even remember what you’re supposed to be doing on your wedding day.

I’ve realised there are lots of reasons for having a wedding planner:


– Keeping track & scheduling

– Budgeting

– Organising & delegating

– Moral Support

– A point of contact on the wedding day (so not everyone is hassling you)

– Realistic ideas


I do think it’s important however, to get on well with your wedding planner, so you can be completely honest and open with them. After all you’ve got to trust them with your money and your precious day.


My fab Wedding Planner Jody can be found through her Facebook page, “The Happiness Maker.”



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