Cutting costs: Ways to save money when having a baby


Most of us never feel that we’re ever financially ‘stable’ enough to have a baby.
But there’s so many cost-cutting things you can do to save your pennies.
Such as buying and selling things at Nearly New Sales run by NCT (National Childbirth Trust).
It’s a large event where pre-loved items in good condition are sold for a fraction of the price.
Our next one in Wakefield, West Yorkshire is on Saturday April 23rd 10am-11.30am at Kettlethorpe High School.
But there’s likely to be one in your area if you search for your local NCT group on Facebook.
Not only do the sales make money for the charity but the cash helps other families with children.
I think I bought pretty much everything I needed for my first born at the first NNS I went to and then I sold lots of it at the next one, as and when my child grew out of it.
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Babies and kids quickly grow out of things so not only does it make sense to buy preloved items but to sell your too as often they’re still in ‘almost new’ condition.
Or if you can’t bring yourself to buy and sell clothes why not try shwopping? i’ll tell you about that later, but basically you all take clothes and accessories to an event and swap them for other people’s items.

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  • I bought everything second hand with my first and kept everything for my second.. even thought it was 7 years later! NCT sales are fantastic great bargains and also love the fact NCT get some of the sale price. Have to get there early to get the best bargains though ir of course help out! Great post thanks for sharing!!


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