How to “lose weight for Summer”- I’ve learned the hard way

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 Ok so I’m a professional dancer and a bride-to-be…and people (women) keep asking me – how you getting in shape for the big day? How do I loose weight for Summer? How do I get rid of this jiggly bit? How do I get rid of my stomach?…

But for the first time in forever I actually feel OK about my body. 

And I’m actively not dieting for my wedding day next week. 

Because it was my obsession with certain diets that helped to escalate my eating disorders from aged 11! 

And eating disorders sure ain’t enjoyable.

So here are my top tips for losing  weight for Summer: 

– Tip one: lose your language. Your stomach, your bum, your chest – whether they’re jiggly, flat or muscle-bound – you don’t want to loose any of those vital parts out of choice! 

They have a purpose and make us unique. 

– Take the weight off your mind: stop stressing about your weight/your shape/your physique. 

Focus on what your body can do rather than what it can’t. 

As I said, you need your stomach and ironically the more you hold your core and think about how amazing it is – the slimmer you’ll look. 

– Stop carrying so much guilt: we have so many factors that make us feel bad about what we do or don’t eat. That’s not to mention exercise guilt.

We’re all just doing our best. 

So be kinder on yourself. Eat food that nourishes you and makes you feel satisfied. Do exercise you enjoy – I love bellydancing and any type of dancing so I’ll happily dance anywhere and everywhere. 

Make fitness part of your life rather than a sacrifice.

– Think of positive coping mechanisms instead of comfort eating or food avoiding. Because eating disorders are quite frankly crap and we need to find time to try and put a dam in their insidious nature.

Whether that be through art & crafts, playing games, pampering or calling a friend. The disorder is the problem, not you or your body.

– Get sisters to carry you… I feel so good having a “tribe” of positive people around me. So take off the stress by focusing on the glass half full kinda gals & guys.

Or for a quick fix join a sports team or club because there’s nothing better than a bit of camaraderie.

– Looking picture perfect: It’s all about balancing the angles when posing. Chest out, chin down, lean forward, tongue to roof of your mouth, relax and smile. 

Even when walking try to correct your posture, it makes your body look so much better. We can all strut. 

Half of the battle when I’m teaching women to dance is to loosen up and correct their posture so their cores are engaged.

– And finally… We’re all on a long journey, including me, so lighten the load with some positive affirmations. And stick them up around your house. 

“Dance like no-one’s watching”

So my apologies if you were hoping for a quick fix diet. But I don’t believe in diets. I try to reduce foods that don’t make me feel good eg sluggish or sugar spiking foods. 

Focusing on delicious and nutritious food.

And for me, exercise keeps my mind positive, most of the time. 

 I love learning about food which helps to feed my body and give me nutrients. 

I also rarely drink alcohol and am a vegetarian verging on a vegan. 

But besides all that, I feel best when I’ve done some weights as I feel strong and toned. And as you’ll know, muscle weighs more than fat anyway. 

So step off the scales, get away from diets and focus on what makes you feel good. Change one habit at a time. 

Most of all enjoy Summer, enjoy your body and get moving.

And in the words of Mama Cass: “Make your own kind of music… Sing you’re own special song even if no-one else sings along…”

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