Women’s football: Don’t kick it until you’ve tried it 


When I first started playing football as a junior school pupil I was told by the head teacher that I wasn’t allowed to train because “girls couldn’t play football.”

Well I began a petition and as a result we launched a girls football team. 

I played football all throughout the Summer at sports camps but I was the only girl. 

Fast-track 18 years and my two daughters love playing football at a community academy every Sunday morning along with other boys and girls. Granted there are still more boys playing football but I think the tide is turning thanks to better TV coverage of women’s football as well as Sport England’s initiative #ThisGirlCan. 

Plus I have got back into my boots for a ladies team in Wakefield. I hadn’t realised how many brilliant amateur teams there were around. 

I was apprehensive however, about joining a women’s team as it had always felt very cliquey when I was at University. I’d also not been playing football for ages and have childcare to think about. So these factors nearly stopped me from joining Durkar Devils. 

But the girls really took me under their wing and are really supportive of one another. 

We’re a variety of ages, abilities and backgrounds but we all play, chat and socialise together it’s a really family affair. 

Our team doesn’t just consist of us footballers, my hubby comes to support with our girls, one of the players partner’s is known as the fruit lady as she provides our refreshments and lots of us have kids who come down to watch and play. 

Our manager Gavin and assistant Dom encourage us all to play our best and to include our families as this helps to break down a lot of barriers for women in sport. 

We try and train three times a week at Slack Lane, Newmillerdam, Wakefield and we play most matches on a Sunday in Summer. 

If you’d like to involved with our team you’d be more than welcome. You can contact us on Facebook at Durkar Devils Ladies. 

If you’re not in our area I highly recommend searching Facebook for sports teams and join one because it’s a great way to keep fit, make friends, have fun and get in the outdoors. 

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