Real Life Reads: Are you or someone you know living an interesting life that will inspire others? Week 1

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Everyone has got the story to tell, so the saying goes. And as a journalist by trade, I am fascinated about other people’s lives, their uniqueness and their passions.

So each week, I’ll be featuring a nominated person in “Real Life Reads.” So be sure to comment below with your nomination.

Kicking off the series is author and powerful creative force, Sarah Leah Cobham who is founder of Dreamtime Baby Massage.

Where do you live & who with?

I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire with my dog, Ava and my two cats, Dumbledore and Ava. My son comes home regularly from university too.


What do you love?

I love to be with people who are genuine and creative and inspiring. I love to walk in all types of weather, write poetry and be part of the growth and strengthening of the woman’s voice.
What does your daily life look like?


Every day is different for me. I only do things which are creative and so my days are varied and interesting. Every day however starts with a long walk with my dog where I clear my mind and connect with the land. Yesterday for example I delivered a class to my Dream Time mums, did some drama therapy with patients at Field Head Hospital and then went on to deliver a writing workshop at Walton Community Centre in Wakefield based on my novel Nino’s Song.

What inspires you to keep going?

I am intrigued by how I grow and develop as a person and will look not just for new experiences but for opportunities to deepen existing experiences.
What is your greatest passion?

Enabling women to find their own voices and achieve success.

What are you up to at the moment?

Gosh, what am I not up to? I am growing my Dream Time Baby Massage Business by training teachers to a level 3 Open Awards Qualification. I have just started a new job with Next Generation as their Heritage Project co coordinator and launched a Poets4Refugees project to give voice to poets in Wakefield to support the Dubs amendment. I am working on a new novel at the moment as well. It’s a ghost story and I can only work on it during the day because it’s a bit scary to work on it at night.


What are your dreams?

I dream of travelling in a larger than average camper van across the world – collecting stories, having adventures and writing.
Are there any interesting/surprising facts about you?

I enjoy swearing.

How can people find out more/get in touch?

All of the different things I do funnel back into my main e-mail address which is [email protected]



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