Date Nights: The secret to a long and happy marriage? #Sp

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Ever feel like you and your partner just exist next to one another?

Our last “date night” was probably at our Wedding in June but even then we hardly saw each other. Chris was at one side of the hall downing pints whilst my friends and I were doing the Limbo (followed by the Conga, oh yes).





The secrets to a long and happy marriage (sadly it doesn’t involve the Conga or downing pints, apparently) 

Throughout my time working on local newspapers, I interviewed a lot couples celebrating their Diamond wedding anniversary (60 years).

I always asked them with great interest: “What are the secrets to a happy marriage?”

The most common responses I got were:

“We’ve been together through thick and thin.”

“We’ve had our ups and downs but we stuck together.”

“These days people give up as they think the grass is greener.”

“We didn’t have a choice.”

I loved the couples’ honesty as some had been through wars, illnesses, deaths and other testing things.

But nowadays when I ask happy couples that I know personally, most of them advise on having regular  “date nights.”

Especially when kids are in the equation (which was quicker than expected for Chris and I).

We have also tried “alphabet dating” where we surprise one another with a date day/night beginning with a letter of the alphabet. We went from bars & burritos to Cadbury’s World, a Delhi-style restaurant and eateries, but everything we did involved the kids!

So finally we found a Saturday on which we were both available + childcare (last week)… Our very own adult date night! (Not as kinky as it sounds but it was rather fabulous!)


The lowdown on our awesome DATE NIGHT 


  • Getting pampered at Aloha Holistics 

I barely get the chance to brush my hair these days due to having two squiglets to contend with.

So I wanted to pamper and prep myself in order to feel like going out on a date.


Luckily the salon who did my wedding makeup offered me to try out their version of the new Pinks Boutique Riitual.

They themselves have just undergone a make-over. And the spa room is pure bliss and serenity. It’s hard to believe your on a busy Ecclesall Rd in Sheffield.


Back to the treatments…

Owner and therapist Samantha Justice Wheeler recommended for me to try out the Aloha Signature Ritual of which I had options whether I wanted to feel revived, or a detox, or something just relaxing or something to help me escape.


I opted for the detox ritual which meant I could soak my feet in fresh lemons and crushed mint inside the foot bowl with warm water, prior to treatment. Also fresh tea with lemon and mint was served.
Then an energising /detoxifying scrub with fresh mint added was used.
(And fresh tea served at the end too.)


So the Aloha Ritual lasts two hours and is described as “A complete mind and body encounter that takes you on a journey of the senses.

“Once your taste buds have been awakened with an exotic welcome drink, let your feet be soothed and pampered in a traditional Eastern ritual. Then enjoy the delights of our organic sugar based body scrub before you are cocooned in soothing hot towels. Our powerful full body massage will immerse you in relaxation as you are treated to the healing and cleansing aromas of lemongrass and mandarin. Rich organic apricot and jojoba will leave your skin silky smooth and nourished from the inside out. Treatment includes:- welcome drink; foot ritual; full body scrub, hot towels, full body massage.”


It was two hours of pure indulgence. And it felt so amazing to just be pampered. It really got me thinking about the importance of self-care.

Sadly, it had to come to an end but whilst I waited for my hubby Chris to pick me up.


Sam offered to tint my brows and lashes, ready for the date night out.


And I’m hooked, I love them! Especially as I rarely get the time to put on make up these days.

I cannot wait to return to the salon for more serenity!

A special offer for my readers from Aloha… If you buy one Aloha signature ritual (massage, facial, pamper) for £79.99 (2 hours) you’ll get 1 gift voucher for same treatment free… (Book before end of December 2016). 

To find out more, go to: 

  • Attending a dance show 

After quickly getting changed, we kicked off our date night watching the Tarab Dance Company and The Baladi Blues, at Sheffield’s Tapton Hall, who were all simply fabulous.

So instead of having a pre-theatre dinner we did pre-dinner theatre!



  • Dinner and drinks at The Botanist, Sheffield15231588_10154707721935890_667698123_o

Welcome to the most beautiful bar I’ve ever been to.

Amidst the classy hustle and bustle of Leopold Square, The Botanist awaits.

As we walked into the bar and up the stairs to the restaurant, it felt as if we had been transported into some tropical botanical gardens.


We were greeted by smiley and slick staff (even the doormen were super friendly) who ushered us to our table, next to the band stand, with live music.

We started with the drinks, as is the must-be-done-thing in this place which prides itself on having: “A world-famous selection of botanical cocktails, craft beers and ales, Champagne and wine.”


Chris had a Mojito to start and, I opted for the Watermelon Mocktail which was a sweet but refreshing palette cleanser… It went down a treat.

We loved our starters of olives, onion petals (a delicate and scrumptious take on onion rings), plus falafel (for me) which was hot fresh and delicious, and Chris had the prawns… which he enjoyed with yet more cocktails.


I was boring and had a Diet Coke (I needed the caffeine kick from so many sleepless nights).

For mains Chris had a Chef’s special of braised Ox cheek with horseradish mash and I had a pick-your-own platter of cous cous, pickled vegetables, bread, roasted peppers and houmous. And a side of sweet fries. Good wholesome bar food.


And luckily I left a little room for dessert which was a real treat… a kebab…

But let me explain.

It was a hanging kebab of chocolate brownie, marshmallows and strawberries. With ice cream and chocolate popping candy nestled at the bottom.


Perfect for sharing and even more exquisite when accompanied by an espresso or espresso martini.


Without realising we had spent three hours eating and drinking, chatting and listening to live music. We’d even witnessed a marriage proposal during the evening.


Our intentions had been to then go out and party (as it was very rare to not have the kids for the night) but we’d had such a lovely relaxed night, that we opted for a taxi home.

The evening ended with us both happily slumped in front of the TV… ahh the romance!

The Botanist has venues UK wide, for more info, go to:



I’m just hoping date nights are in fact the secret to a successful marriage as I’d happily do our date night again and again. 

Thanks to Aloha Holistics, Farida Dance and The Botanist for gifting our experiences. 

I’ll be uploading videos from the Date Night soon on to my YouTube Channel.



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