Real Life Reads: Meet an entrepreneurial MUMbler and teacher

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Each week we’re profiling a real life person with an interesting story.  
Meet Heather Sweeney, Mummy to a threenager, owner of a  MUMbler (online parenting community) and part-time Biology Teacher. 
Where do you live & who with?
In Barnsley, South Yorkshire with My husband Alan and our daughter.
What do you love?
Learning new things and kiss/cuddles with my little pea.

What does your daily life look like?Manic, I’m a life crammer, promising everybody the world and trying my best to deliver.I can’t say no. We always have several plans in one day.

I’ve learned to only tell my husband one maybe two at a time or he’d tell me off for cramming too much in!
What inspires you to keep going? I genuinely enjoy being busy, even though sometimes the stress gets the better of me, I can never just sit and watch TV, I always have to be doing several things at once.
What is your greatest passion?

Doing the best I can for our family, I like making things too- I am a bit of a show off!
What are you up to at the moment?, I’m very excited about this new chapter in my life. I’ve learned so much in the last 3 months and I can’t wait to get started. I was going to a sewing class before MUmbler happened and I want to be able to pick that up again soon, I learned to knit when I was pregnant this gave me something else to do when watching TV.

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and scuba dive the Great barrier reef, I want to take my mini mumbler to lapland for Christmas whilst she still believes, visit my brother in Canada and take mini mumbler skiing. My biggest dream is to be happy with my weight, I’ve lost over 2 stone in 3 months and I’m determined to keep going.
Interesting facts:
For my degree I dissected an real human face to see the facial nerve. 
I Iove Kylie Minogue, I love singing but I never do it in public, if you’ve heard me singing I was either very drunk or you are one of my favourite people or both!

What is MUMbler?
It’s an online parenting community. The key is that it is all local, unlike other similar sites. It started in Harrogate as a facebook group to share local parenting information and developed into a website and a business. The business side comes from advertising in the site. The site itself is free to use for parents. All local parenting and child related businesses are given a free basic listing if they want one. I share local events relevant to families, review days out and products. advertise flexible working jobs for parents. There is a nearly new section where people can sell their stuff for free. (check out
Heather said: “I used the site when I lived in Harrogate, it was a lifeline for me as a new mum. When I moved here I had no idea what was going on for families and kids so I had to do some research.
“I’ve always wanted my own business and saw that MUMbler was now franchised, so I went for it.
“I’ve been adding content to the site since September, as well as moving house, being a part time teacher and having mini mumbler to look after.”

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