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Fancy a health kick this new year? Does your family want to get fit?
Well read on or watch here as I’m giving away a free family gym pass for a whole month.

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I have teamed up with northern gym chain Total Fitness because they offer a range of fun, educational and active classes and facilities for the whole family.

From gymnastics to swimming and martial arts sessions for the kids.

And aqua aerobics, Insanity, Zumba, Sh’Bam, plyo, spin, circuits and of course a fully equipped state-of-the-art gym for the adults.

There is literally something for everyone.

You can follow my family and I’s kick start to the New Year from 9th  January 2017 as we try out Total Fitness and, we’ll be blogging about it here on and, on social media @MamaMeiBlog (Facebook and twitter) + @SophieMei1 (Instagram).

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a family pass for a whole month at any Total Fitness, follow these two simple steps:

  1. Enter by clicking this link:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

      2. And be sure to log your details with Total Fitness and to bag yourself a free daypass, click here.

Please share the love too by liking my Facebook page @MamaMeiBlog and liking the Total Fitness page @TotalFitness on Facebook and share this post (although not compulsory).

What’s your New Year health goal and why? 

E.g build muscle/loose weight/be kinder to myself… 

Competition closes on January 31st.

Mine is to make sure that my family does at least 30 minutes of exercise a day because I think it’s totally important to get moving, for the mind and body.

Plus I’m launching an online health club to get other busy people and families fit & healthy from 2017 and beyond.

If you’re interested in joining please email me [email protected]

Not only is exercise great for toning up but it releases endorphins to which helps your mental health and, it helps you bond as a family. 

Happy New Year! 


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  • This year we are focusing on getting healthy by changing our diet. Ideally I’d like to lose weight but it’s extremely difficult for me as I have a medical condition that makes it a lot harder. Would love to have to win a gym pass where we could all go together.

    • I love the idea of training together as a family too as it makes the gym more accessible for all rather than a place of solitude! I know when I eat well how much better I feel than when I don’t regardless of weight good luck xx

    • Thanks I’ve updated the entry details if you would like to enter and by entering you’ll receive a free day pass xx

  • My health goal is a biggy I have been putting off for 4 years!
    To lose 5 stone!
    The majority of which I have put on since my first pregnancy in 2012 which ended in miscarriage. I began a spiral of bad eating habits, primarily comfort eating.
    I’ve started by finally joining slimming world and beginning to build my fitness back up (considering prior to this I went spinning 3 times a week!)

    • Ooh wow Hun good luck so sorry to hear what uv been through. Have u been to doctors? As they should be able to sign post counselling and any other therapy. I find fitness helps a lot with my mindset so I’m not as focused on eating/weight. I’m also starting an online health club of ur interested? Xx

      • Definitely interested in the online health club!
        I tried counselling but I’m not one for talking (surprising when you know me ha)! So it didn’t really work for me although I know it does for many.
        I feel in a great mindset this year and know where I want to get to and willing to work hard for it ????????‍♀️

  • My goal is to concentrate on the importance of feeling good in my own body. I’ve recently been struggling with my weight gain and I am determined to make 2017 MY year and concentrate on making my body healthier and happier. If I can make it to my goal weight by 2018 I’ll be a completely different person inside and out!

    • Go you! I think like u say it’s about how u feel not about it weight which is why I’m so passionate about fitness as it’s transformed my life and my mental health happy new year xxx

    • Thanks I’ve updated the entry details if you would like to enter and by entering you’ll receive a free day pass xx

  • Choosing the right gym is so important! I’m recovering from a couple of surgeries and have begun a series on fitness. My doctors did not allow any workouts for six months. Right now the focus is on beginning again. If you have time, I’d love to hear your feedback! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures #PoCoLo

  • Claire Williams
    January 16, 2017 2:19 pm

    I didn’t think I was ready mentally but over the last few days I’ve really tried to move around more. I’ve been much more motivated and have realised there are lots of things I can do at home to exercise. I’ve set up different stations and keep going round. I thought I’d do it once and not bother. However, every time I get up to do something, I’ll run through the exercise before I go to do a job around the house.
    I have to thank you Sophie because just knowing you has encouraged me to see exercise as something I can do! X

    • Oh Claire that is so so brilliant to hear!! And soooo lovely of you!! I find even when I don’t feel like it if I do bits of fitness it majorly helps my head too and feeling stronger really helps so much love to you xxx

  • After dropping from a size 16 to 10 & then falling pregnant again i am on a ission to get back into my size 10s ive got about a stone to go to feel more toned & back in shape again x

  • Claire Williams
    January 28, 2017 6:47 pm

    Lost 4lbs this week doing my little circuit and jogging on the spot! Would be great to involve all the family too.

  • To loose two stone because, somehow, I got to 13 stone 3 pounds. I have managed to get down to ten stones, but put another stone back on. I would like to get to nine stones, as I felt fitter, happier and healthier at ten stones. Think nine stones would be better for a five foot 2 inch woman, though??

    • Well done Liz that’s great! Personally I try not to focus on weight as when I’m at my fittest/healthiest I’m quite heavy. But as long as u focus on toning muscle and looking after yourself you will feel amazing xxx


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