Career Change: I gave up my dream job to be a Stay-at-Home-Mum & Super Blogger

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We all have that “argh what am I doing with my life moment?!”

But many of us refuse to change the direction in which we’re going as it is easier to stay within your comfort-zone.

Doing the “norm” whether that be working Mon-Fri 9-5, living for the weekend, or just feeling pooped out by things.

I too did this for many years until my life changed.

My “turning point” didn’t happen over night.

It took a mahoosive breakdown one Christmas when I was heavily pregnant.

Then a few months later my newborn baby stopped breathing and was in intensive care.

These two life-changing things nearly broke me but thankfully I/we all pulled through.

And I made a promise to myself that if my baby Arianna survive,d then I would cherish every moment and put my little family unit first.

It sounds straightforward but I’d always been so career-driven carving my way as a journalist in the national media, as well as, dancing professionally in any spare time I had.

I even answered a work call when I was in labour with my first baby. 


Being a mum, staying at home and, being content, wasn’t something I could get my head around.

Until, like I say, Arianna nearly died. That incident made me re-evaluate everything.

I had just secured my dream job at BBC, that I’d worked so hard towards throughout my education.

But it was taking me away from what mattered(s) most to me.

So I knew I had to make a change because I’m an all or nothing person. I can’t just do something halfheartedly.

So I left my job to follow my new dream of having a happy home and time to enjoy it.

But I didn’t transform over night to become a super house wife and earth mother.


I still had/have my own ambitions and it was them, that drove me to setting up my blog.

I had set up my own blog before whilst at University called Verita Magazine. The slogan was “News, views and human rights issues” and it was really successful in securing sponsorship from O2/Telefonica and it also won several national awards.

So using my training as a journalist and what I learnt from running a magazine blog – setting up felt like a natural progression.


It started as therapy to me when I was feeling isolated. But it slowly caught on, with lots of other parents contacting me. It was amazing that my stories about family, health and life was of such interest to others.
I also felt a lot more freedom than I did when I was working in a newsroom.

So now I’ve made blogging my career as it fits nicely around and into family life. It has also given my family and I plenty of opportunities. But moreover, I absolutely love it!

Winning awards 

One of my strengths of running my own businesses is PR and promotions as I do this for Evoke Media Group which I helped to set up. And before I was a journalist I worked for a social marketing and PR company so I can get people and myself in the press.

This is why I also understand why entering for awards is so important because it gives you kudos, exposure to a wider audience and it can give you the chance to gain contacts and form new relationships.

So one of my New Year Resolution’s was to win an award for my blog, this in turn has given me a kick to spruce it up and I am currently getting a new self-hosted site designed.


And I was so thrilled to win not just any award, but the SUPER BLOGGER AWARD in the Tribal Chat / Maryland Cookies blogging awards. YAY!

Founder of Tribal Chat, Kate, said: “My congratulations go to Sophie who is a fantastic blogger amd vlogger so the Super blogger award was well deserved.

“Tribal Chat is now back to regular business and looking forward to our next awards in May.”

Make sure you find us all on twitter @MamaMeiBlog @TribalChatTweet @MarylandCookie

Have you had a career change or a massive turning point/ sliding doors moment in you life? 

Mummy in a Tutu

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