Theatre Review: The Empty Nesters Club


Do you remember leaving your family home? what was it like?
Or have your kids fled the nest?

We may be living in a world where we communicate to one another through emojis and hashtags. But that doesn’t stop the “empty nest” feeling when a child or loved one leaves home. 

And it can be hard for the one leaving too. 

I remember arriving at university halls in Fallowfield, Manchester armed with pink plastic utensils, suitcases full of clothes and around 10 carrier bags full of food bought by my parents (or what I’d stolen from their cupboards).

I was ready. 

But whilst I rolled my eyes at my mum’s tears, inside I was petrified. 

I would be living in a flat with 7 other girls/strangers. I would be in a new city away from home comforts and, I would have to work, study, cook and clean all by myself. #Argh 

But fortuately or unfortunately for my mum I was part of the boomerang generation.

Anyway, aptly, I took my mum to see The Empty Nesters Club by the John Godber company at Wakefield’s Theatre Royal. 

And what a fun, familiar and emotional night we had as we reminisced about it all.

Join Vicky Barret for the inaugural meeting of The Empty Nesters’ Club. If your children have left home and the nest is empty, this is the group for you!

Vicky will share her story of empty bedrooms, fresher’s flu, boyfriends, long goodbyes, motorway service stations and trips to Ikea; and how she fought back to be the woman she is today: exhausted!

Either catch the show in Wakefield or on the national tour. 

It is totally brilliant. 

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  • Claire Williams
    February 3, 2017 5:00 pm

    I think my family ties are strong. When I was left in Aberystwyth to go to Uni, my mum cried all the way back home. Leaving home after I was married was also traumatic. I cried in the car all the way to my new house.
    Recently, my parents have moved out of their home where they’d lived for over 40 years due to my dad’s dementia. My mum found it very difficult and so did I. All the memories…the history. My dad kept asking when he was going home.
    My parents are more settled but the pain is still there. One day I rang them but no one answered. I was worried but they were fine. I’d rung my old home not the bungalow where they are now.

    • That must’ve been so hard Hun but it sounds like it was for the best. Do you miss ur old family home? I now like my mums new house as it’s in a different area so not as many bad memories xxxx


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