Eating Disorders Awareness Week: GPs are the gate keepers to life-saving support

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I’ve had some form of an eating disorder since aged 11. But I wasn’t diagnosed until later into my teens.

When I first went to my GP, in my early teens, I was told that I looked “fit and healthy,”!so there wasn’t anything to be concerned about.

Yes the “making myself sick” was not normal but I was at a good BMI, if anything, I could afford to lose some weight.

But most people with an eating disorder are actually normal or overweight. 

And illnesses like bulimia can kill you regardless of your weight.

So it’s no surprise to me as a sufferer, about these facts, that will probably shock you this Eating Disorder Awareness Week: says: “The sooner someone gets access to the treatment they need for their eating disorder the more likely they are to make a full recovery. “But those affected by eating disorders face barriers to treatment: poor understanding of early signs and symptoms, misconceptions among medical professionals and limited funding for treatment among others.

“GPs have a traditional role as the gatekeeper for specialist services, and the part they play in identifying eating disorders is incredibly important. We want everyone with an eating disorder to experience good quality care from their GP alongside quick referral and access to specialist treatment.

“Support our call for increased training on eating disorders for future GPs and increased funding for specialist services.”

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  • I empathize with you so much. I’ve almost died/was almost put into hospice for anorexia twice and I’ve been put into the hospital for Ana three times. Recovery can be a bitch. The only person that can recover for you is yourself. Hang in there xx


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