Family adventures: Top 10 travel must-haves when travelling with kids

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Whether you’re jetting off to the Far East or you’re driving across the Channel, there are some travel must-haves you need to know about.

  1. A sense of adventure: Travelling as a family doesn’t mean you need to give up your sense of adventure.

We went on a road trip across America when our eldest was 18 months and more recently we’ve travelled with both kids across South East Asia. Yes we plan more than what we would if we had been going alone but kids are a lot more versatile than you may think. Just make sure you plan some down time as well.

Our Asia itinerary was cushioned with days by the pool for some R&R time.


 2. Smart phones/Tablets: Gone are the days of taking lots of fiddly activities for the kids. Thanks to smart technology and headphones you can keep the kids entertained on journeys (and yourselves). Obviously it doesn’t replace playing/communicating in person but these can be great pacifiers for those long trips on trains, buses, coaches and flights.   Plus you can access a range of travel apps from language learning to tourist information. Just try to download everything before you go. Oh and it doubles up as a camera of course.


3. DIY Travel packs / bags: These are great for saving money. It’s become a family tadition of ours each holiday I buy new bags and a number of items to kee the kids entertained as well as surprises to open as our journey progresses.

Most of the time I just raid the pound shop for throw-away toys, crafts and snacks. Before going to Disney Land I prepared a bag full of Disney goodies (all from the pound or charity shop) then when the girls wanted to buy expensive merchandise, I had gifts on hand.


4. Baby carrier/sling or fold-up light pushchair: Perfect for days out when you’re away and then you know they’re safe. It’s also worth taking some reins too for the more active kids.


5. Money Belt with currency and currency converter: These are great to keep your money and possessions safe, especially when you’re running around after the kids, it’s easy to lose sight of your belongings.

6. Podcasts: We love podcasts from listening back to your favourite radio show to being inspired by Ted Talks, business and faith. Try and download before you go or when you have free wifi as mobile data is pricey!

7. Good company: If you’re travelling with friends as well as your immediate family make sure they’re people you want to spend a long period of time with. Holidays are fantastic but you can find yourself in fractious situations.


8. Dried Food and snacks: If you have fussy eaters (like me) it’s a great idea to take plenty of dried food and snacks as a back-up to keep the whole family going throughout the trip.


9. First Aid kit: This is an essential. You can buy a mini kit really cheap and then we add personal preferences such as Calpol sachets, paracetemol, rescue remedy and arnica.

10. Comforter/toy: Kids are pretty versatile and will make the most of wherever they go. However, we’ve always found it useful to have a toy or comforter from home to give them a bit of normality.


The girls loved our recent holiday travelling through South-East-Asia. But even when we were staying in the rain-forest they liked to go back to the wooden hut to draw and play.

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