Help! We’re having a Mum-life crisis… Are you?

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Am I having a mum-life crisis?

Capital coca cola jingle bell ball

I was excited to be out, at NIGHT!

I think I’m having an identity crisis.

I find myself listening to BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour podcast as I run with the buggy on a morning and then by the afternoon I’m in my Leopard Print onesie with my gold hoop earrings and dancing to some commercial R&B tunes as I try to tidy up some of the destruction that forms our household.

I was just about to write a blog post on “why I still wear my gold hoop earrings.” And then I realised, wait, hold your tat, why are you trying to justify yourself and your roots?!

This is all part of my mum-life crisis!

modelling aloha beauty salon sophie mei model sam justice wheeler

Mum in the mirror – boudoir modelling

An identity crisis of becoming a parent but still trying to cling on to your past.

But hold your prolapse, I’m not alone… *Mum fist pump*

valentines day with the kids

These fine folk have joined the mum-life crisis club too: 


  • Lisa Valentine says: “Yes! I’m 33 years old with two teenage daughters (16 & 13) and have been feeling frumpy and incredibly unfashionable of late.

“Watching what my girls wear, I decided to give my wardrobe (mainly black jumpers and jeans) an overhaul and ordered a sheer, floral bodysuit contraption, jumpsuits and various other ‘trendy’ items of clothing online. “Long story short, I looked like an overfilled sausage ????

“My husband could barely stop laughing at me, my eldest was happy to take them off my hands and I learnt a lesson…”

Log on to:


  • Maddy Matthews-Williams says: “My husband and I play Call Of Duty online most evenings.

“It’s our way of clinging to our pre-baby times. I think I am having a bit of a mum-life crisis haha, I think it’s the realisation that I didn’t even get into my twenties child-free!”

Read more from her at:

  • Becki Parsons says: “I was going a bit mad not talking to any adults all day as a SAHM to a 3 year old – so I’ve just joined an Am Dram group! “And I’ve been cast in their next production. It takes me back to studying Drama for A Level nearly 12 years ago – those were good times!”

Go to:


  • Siobhan Grace says: “I still kid myself that I feel as attractive as I did pre-baby.

“I kept all my topshop Joni jeans (which I still squeeze myself into) and crop tops (which should probably be burnt) and where them occasionally.

“I had a major identity crisis after having my daughter.

“I developed alopecia 4 months post partum and I now have no hair, no eyebrows and barely any eyelashes. I still struggle.

“Barely look in a mirror and lost care about making myself look nice.

“I’m hoping it’ll get better soon.

To read more from Siobhan, go to:


  • Lucy Munday says: “I’m desperate to lose weight and feel like ‘myself’ again.

“I dance while doing the washing up in the evenings with my headphones in and music up full volume to try and capture how I used to feel clubbing.

“Then I catch sight of my reflection and have to stop as I look ridiculous! Stupid thing is, I went out for a night and instead of dancing the night away, I just wanted to be at home in my pjs!”

Go to:

chong sam mum daughter chinese mixed race sophie mei lan

Matching outfits

bellydancer sophie mei lorna of caio costume

Post bellydance workshop – still love dressing up

Are you having a Mum or Dad-Life crisis? Comment below or Tweet me @MamaMeiBlog or find me on

Sophie mei lan mama mei and daughter arianna

yoga stretching krabi thailand sophie mei mum

Yes I am still flexible #showingoff

sophie mei lan mama mei scarborough beach

Keeping up with the kids. A bikini on a cold day.

mama mei strawberries and chocolate

Pouting like a teen!

sophie mei lan mama mei vlogger vlogging

Vlogging in my lounge

[wpvideo 4BHhRQUO] [wpvideo C4bbyRfw]

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