Yoga tips for beginners

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I never thought I’d be a yoga convert as I’m noisy and giggle a lot. But yes, like many I have been converted to the graceful movements, the breathing techniques and I love the wide array of yoga styles there are to try.

A lot of people are nervous when starting a new activity especially when it’s something that looks as serene as yoga.

My top tips are:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. The right clothing is important for all physical activity so that you feel comfortable and are able to relax into it. I either go for some loose jogging bottoms and a sports bra and vest or some sports leggigngs that cover my stomach (so they’re not always falling down and tuck me in).
  2. Stay hydrated! Take a large bottle of water with some squeezed lemon and lime or whatever you like.
  3. Research the type of yoga you want to do – ask questions so you’re as comfortable as possible.
  4. Don’t panic. We’ve all started somewhere so be proud of yourself for going along no matter you’re able to do. The instructor should help you too if your struggling to show you easier options. Remember it shouldn’t be painful.
  5. Leave your phone in the locker or turn it off so you can truly (try to) relax.

I also asked some fellow yoga-lovers what there tips are for beginners:

“Try do a little everyday, even if it’s just 5 minutes of yoga. That all adds up at the end of the week,” said Annastasia Swales from Hacking Parenthood. 

“Practice on an empty stomach – It is best to practice on an empty stomach or at least 2-3 hours after your last meal, which is another reason why practicing first thing in the morning is most ideal. When practicing yoga, you are much more in tune to your body’s subtle feelings than at any other point, and practicing with food in your stomach inevitably leads to discomfort,” said Elizabeth Plumb from The Home Makers Journal. 

Carly Markham of Mummy and the Chunks said: “I would say find a local class. The first few times I found the instructor really helped me to get my posture correct and avoid hurting myself when I was going slightly wrong. It was really helpful and I can now do it on my own at home as I can’t get to any classes at the moment.”

Reviewsbee created this infographic to help you pick your perfect yoga mat:


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