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Shoe Empowerment Officer Shaherazad Umbreen set up Shoes by Shaherazad – a business to empower women by doing good deeds (whilst wearing good heels!)
Real Life Reads spotted this stunning business at the Christmas in July event (yes, we’ve been singing Jingle Bells since summer) and we just had to speak to the own Shaherazad…

Where do you live & who with? 
I live in Birmingham in the West Midlands and I live with a very wild imagination and a library of books.  Education, dreaming and reading are a key part of my life.
What do you love? 
As a Shoe.E.O. I love shoes; I love business; and I love finding ways to empower women.  I love standing up for women.
What does your daily life look like? 
If anyone looks at my life from the outside they will see lots of leather and jewels (to make shoes!), lots of time to read and a torrent of tea and tea cups.  Tea is essential to good business.
What inspires you to keep going? 
Creating opportunities for women and girls who wouldn’t have had them otherwise.  Profits from my shoes enable girls living in poverty to go to school.  That happiness keeps me going.
What motto do you live by?
We do not need miracles to change the world, we only need each other.
What is your greatest passion? 
What are you most proud of?
Providing opportunities for 700 women in the last year to gain essential education.
What are you up to at the moment?
Designing my new collection for Autumn 2018 – there will be a new twist to my shoellery (shoe jewellery) designs.
What are your dreams? 
To help to significantly alleviate extreme poverty across the world.
Are there any interesting/surprising facts about you?
I once bit all the way through my tongue so it was attached by only 3mm.  And it “grew back” in to place over a number of weeks! 
How can people find out more/get in touch? 
By visiting

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