The Gratitude Tag: What are you grateful for?

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I used to love writing my Christmas gift list, opening presents and relishing in lots of luxurious items.

But whilst I’ve enjoyed being treated this year, my strongest feeling has been “gratitude” for having so many people around me, a home and food to eat.

It’s not all gone to plan with family sickness and cancellations but all in all I’ve had an amazingly peaceful time and felt very blessed to be able to enjoy Christmas this year.

And when my daughter’s friend asked her mum: “When can we visit family too?”  (Like my daughter has done this festive season).

But my daughter’s friend hasn’t got family to visit like we do. She has us as friends to visit, but that’s it.

So that encounter inspired me to start this “The Gratitude Tag.”

So you too can copy and paste your answers to below and publish on social media and/or a blog if you have one. Don’t forget to tag your friends so they can join in too.

Don’t forget to tag me @Mamameiblog on twitter/insta or on so I can support your posts.

Copy and paste from here (and include your own answers rather than mine!)…


It’s easy to forget the “little things” in life. So this is all about celebrating what we have got going in our lives rather than what we haven’t.

Some of the tilted may not apply but try and think of something to be thankful for, for as many as possible or replace with your own.

Don’t forget to share your own answers in a post by copying and pasting this tag from

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Here are some of my reasons to be grateful… 

  • Home Life: After a difficult summer of not having anywhere to live, we finally found and were able to rent, a lovely property that I adore. I never thought I’d like new-builds but with kids they’re so much easier to maintain.
  • Family Life: I have a large extended and blended family all over the world, which means I have lots of people and places to visit and an interesting heritage! I am also the very proud owner of two tine humans who have transformed my life.
  • Friendships: Friends are like family to me. And I am so lucky to have built some really strong friendships over the years. I don’t have a set “group” of friends, lots of pockets of very different people which keeps life interesting.
  • Professional Life: I have too many jobs which is a positive challenge to be in. I run businesses, I freelance as a journalist, blogger, vlogger and I am a stay-at-home mum half the week.
  • Memories: I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to lots of countries as well as learning many foreign languages which has given me a good breadth of experience as well as stories to share.
    Now I am a mum too, I feel that my kids and I are making memories everyday which I love.
  • Holidays: I love holiday time with the family, it really helps me to switch off. This time last year, we were in the Malaysian jungles after a trip to Thailand and before flying to Vietnam. Next month, we’re off to Iceland and we have some road trips also in the pipeline.
  • Material possessions: This tag isn’t really about material things but I do like a nice treat to myself. I love my Dyson hoover as I use it so much and my wardrobe packed full of charity shop finds! I also love my canvas photo prints and I’d struggle without my phone as I use it for blogging, vlogging and communicating.
  • My personal qualities: I’ve always had a big cheesy smile. I now embrace being curvy and mostly love my hourglass figure. I am very empathetic, open-minded and try not to judge others.
  • Health: I am so grateful to be physically fit. I am able to dance and move my body how I wish.  
  • Community: My kids give me an excuse to get out and about. I have met some amazing people at playgroups, church and at the gym.

I can’t wait to see your gratitude list – please like/comment/share 🙂

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