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There are times when all of us feel blue, especially at this time of year.

So as I’m somebody who can get down quite easily, I’ve decided to take action so that I’m in control of my mental health as much as possible.

I’ve been pushing myself to stay active even when I feel sluggish (anything is better than nothing), I’ve made sure I see people on a weekend when I normally feel lonely and, I’ve discussed self-care in my Facebook group – Mama Mei’s Health Club (a holistic health club for all women).

But rather than just read a rambling list of how I beat the blues, I asked some other bloggers for their top tip…

Staying active always helps. Not sitting around because it’s cold but making yourself get out to the gym or on that walk, you feel so much better afterwards even if you do have to really drag yourself there! Https://

I make time to be kinder to myself, even if it’s just a long bath, a new book or a box of chocolates. Taking that time for myself really helps.

I’m so basic but I really up the self-care. Buy some bath bombs, do full makeup, make my hair big and bouncy and buy tasty but expensive coffee. I always feel better when I look better!

A good hearty meal always sorts me out on these dull grey January days!

I like to make plans for the summer. Planning a few days away in the UK during August usually cheers me up.

I get outside walking as much as possible. The kids love it… and as much as it takes a bit of motivation to get up and go on the winter mornings, there’s nothing quite like a cold walk as a pick me up!

I put loads of things in my calendar to look forward to – lunch dates, evenings with friends – that kind of thing! Http://

Singing works for me. I go and sit in the car and belt out a few tunes, always makes me feel better

Take a step back & take a breath. Sometimes you need to put yourself first; whether that be taking a long walk, reading a book or taking five minutes to apply a face mask. The little things really can make all the difference.

Buy a gratitude journal and focus on all the things you have to be thankful for.


Get out in the fresh air and have a walk. If you can do this in daylight hours much the better. Failing that join a singing group – however i would say that! Singing exercises the brain and body, raises dopamine and serotine levels, forms social bonds, stimulates our cognitive function and helps memory. Sing away the blues, folks!

Buy a dawn simulator alarm clock. It starts lighting up gradually half an hour before the time you’ve set. So when you wake up the room is already light, making it easier to get up and start your day. (I also have Seasonal Affective Disorder and this is my must-have item to get through the entire winter season).

Throw out junk! It feels quite emotionally cleansing to take bags to the tip and charity shop. Then you’re left with some area that’s either neater, more spacious or both and that keeps the good feeling going.

I try and get outside for exercise still. A windy walk on the beach or a trip to the park. Fresh air can make such a difference as can getting moving.

Dance, any kind of exercise preferably outside. Keep a gratitude journal to help focus on the good bits of each day.

Workout. On these crappy January days it really helps you to feel energised.

I like to make a bit of me time and focus on my own well-being, I get myself organised, make plans, have a clear out of junk and things I don’t want or need in my life.

I like to sit down with my partner and plan for the year ahead. We discuss where we’d like to go on holiday, for days out, meals out with the kids and date nights too! It’s always good to have a few things to look forward to even if they don’t happen, like our date nights! I can’t remember the last time we had one of those!

Take the bull by the horns and write a list of 4/5 small things you could this month to make it a bit better eg. Do something you enjoy for 15 minutes during nap time, book in for a haircut, write a list of one thing that made you feel good that day. Cross off your list as you do it and you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something, plus have some nice things to show for the month.

Make some plans for things to look forward to. It could be as simple as meeting up for friend for coffee… a little indulgence goes a long way

ke a trip to your favourite local cafe and treat yourself to a coffee and cake!

Watch a lot of comedy films because laughter and being happy is the best. Also talking more often to your friends or family through phone or face to face, whatever you find comfortable. What I do is to put my phone on loud speaker so that I can talk to them while doing something at the same time like household chores. Keeping yourself busy as well won’t give you time to feel sad. You can also work out at home through YouTube or learning new skills by watching tutorials like cooking, dancing or anything you enjoy.

I try to make myself as active as possible by playing music in the house or in my room. I try to dance it out or maybe exercise if I get too hyped.


Book a holiday or mini break ASAP so that you have something to look forward to. I also find planning a few nice things to do like meeting friends for dinner and taking the kids somewhere new can really help to get your mind off any negative vibes.

Make sure you get plenty of early nights, so you feel well rested and ready to face the world! I’ve been going to bed at about 9pm lately and it really helps, especially on nights the baby keeps on waking me.

Living room dance party! Sometimes you just need to shake off those cobwebs and get the blood pumping but jumping around like a loon with your family! No one can feel down after that.

Running. If I’m feeling blue, a run always makes me feel better.

… Going for a run

Having a hot bath and I’ve recently started giving myself winding down time before bed with a book. I think it’s also important to be kinder to yourself and acknowledge at least one thing that’s made you happy every day.

Using a SAD light really helps me, so does going out and feeling the sun or fresh air on my skin.

Have a read of some more tips:

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