HOSPITAL ADMISSION: Why I have been silent for so long

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If you’re reading this and you’re a regular reader of my blog or watcher of my vlog, you may have noticed I have been a lot quieter than usual. I am so sorry just to cut off from the world but I hope you can understand, as in this post I will share (what I am allowed to share for now anyway) on why I have been so silent.

Two weeks ago, I had been having a busy but fun weekend. I had made my way to Manchester for a Positive Mindset course with my friends Natalya (from my Samba Dancing days at Hera Dance) and Ashleigh (we studied Italian together at University of Manchester).

We were invited to the course by coach Holly Matthews.

We had an ace afternoon of mood boarding and exploring ourselves to help to start change the way we think about things.

That night, I then went back to Wakefield to go out with my instagrammer / Blog Up North friends Sarah and Victoria.

We had an ace night reviewing The Yorkshire Deli in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and dancing the night away at local clubs.

But little did I know in 24 hours that I would be in an Intensive Care Unit at Pinderfields Hospital, also in Wakefield.

Now here it gets blurry because normally I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am no filter, and share EVERYTHING with you. But the details around this case I cannot share other than that I was admitted to hospital.

I spent the next few days in ICU and on a ventilator, far from the glamorous start to the weekend I had had.

After eventually waking up, I was then moved to a normal ward for a couple of days before being discharged home. All of this was unexpected and not planned for. So for one week only my vlog and blog schedule suffered.

I am now home and recovering well. I am still able to dance and do all the things I was doing but I am having to take it slowly in getting back to work and business.

It’s funny how quickly are lives can change… you really never know what is around the corner.

So peace, love and shimmies for now xxx

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