GROUP THERAPY? Couple’s who train together stay together

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Core engaged, feet hip width apart and taking a big step forward, as we simultaneously did our lunges together, I realised just how beneficial it was to be exercising with my partner.

I found a real love of fitness in my late twenties as a way of coping with personal life challenges and it has been a crutch of mine ever since. I love the physical benefits but most of all keeping fit helps me to stay positive and feel in some kind of control over my wellbeing and outlook on life. Whether that be exercising in my local park, jogging to the shop or balancing in slings at aerial yoga, my motto when it comes to exercises is ‘anything is better than nothing.’ 

But I’d always seen my fitness journey as a solo pursuit, something I just did for me as a way to escape. The problem was that I could quickly fall off the wagon because I was only accountable to myself. 


I was fairly happy, single and focused on my life which revolved around work, single parenting and cramming in fitness but very little sleep and not a lot of nutritious food. I stuck to my same fitness regime day in day out, the same Vegan food,  but after a while my results began to plateau. 

Then I met my now boyfriend Mike Green, who luckily for me happens to be a personal trainer @GreenHealthPT, we instantly connected through our love of health and fitness and our first date was a resistance band workout, sad I know but it was our kind of fun and a great way to chat and connect. They say “couples who train together stay together” after all as it can boost how attractive you are to each other. 

@mamameiblog @greenhealthPT squatting together

That said, whether it be your partner or a best friend, and neither needs to be a personal trainer, the process of working out with a loved one can be so beneficial and numerous studies prove this too. 

Not only does exercising release endorphins which can enhance relationships but the competitive element of working out with a partner can be fun and it also makes you accountability buddies so that you’re keeping each other on track with achieving your health goals. 

What I’ve realised too about working out as a couple is it is a great way to chat whilst being productive and doing something positive together which is brilliant when you’re both so busy. 

So next time you fancy some quality time with a loved one, why not sit into a squat together first before slobbing out on the sofa? 
My fitness and life partner Mike offers online training and plans for couples and families, go to:

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