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New mental health and wellbeing podcast to help people in lockdown called Recovery Road.

If you have been on a journey to recovery from a mental health problem or trauma and are now sharing your story and work as an expert with others… then get in touch [email protected]

Please do listen and read below…


  • Recovery Road offers hope to health and wellbeing experts as well as sharing expert guidance on a range of therapies 
  • Self-love author’s dream from lockdown number 1 of her own “radio show,’ realized in time for lockdown number 2
  • Presenter and Recovery Road Founder Sophie Mei Lan, 32, features a range of celebrities and experts on her new show Sophie aka Mama Mei who has more than 22 million views on her mental health and fitness youtube channel set up podcast to offer hope to those who need help but don’t fit into the draconian health system 

    A podcast showcasing a range of health and wellbeing practitioners from across the world has launched in time for lockdown to help those recovering from a range of mental health problems as well as supporting independent businesses. 

    The Pandemic has highlighted many mental health issues amongst a wide range of people.
    Uncertain times, a range of challenges and a lot of people struggling at the same time, has been detrimental to most people’s mental health. But it has also been a time of reflection and people have been reaching out for new therapies and treatments as well as a range of health professionals now diversifying their services by offering it online, making it more accessible for people. But how do we find the right mental health help in such a crowded wellbeing market? 
    In order to help people begin on their recovery journey and to save people time on researching and exploring the array of offerings, Recovery Road podcast was born. Founded and presented by mental health author and self-love coach Sophie Mei Lan who has been on her own rollercoaster recovery ride, wants Recovery Road to help educate, inspire and to feature the wide range of alternative, complementary and traditional therapies there are available as she meets experts on her own discovery journey. 
    Sophie Mei Lan, 32, who is far down her own road of recovery from self-harm, addictions and an eating disorder, says on the show: “Let’s go on a healing journey together as we try out a range of therapies, treatments and techniques to help us on our way to live a stronger healthier life full of smiles and sparkles.
    “I’ll be finding out what works and what flops when it comes to feeling strong in mind, body and soul. “I’ve been on my own rollercoaster recovery journey from self-harm to self-love.
    “Now, I want to help you sparkle from the inside out to be truly successful…“Health is wealth! 
    “You are not broken, you are healing.” 
    Last week on Recovery Road presenter Sophie, who lives in Wakefield with her two daughters and works as an Author, Self-Love Coach and Online Content Creator, met the two relationship experts behind Channel 4’s Married at First Sight who have been dubbed “the avengers of Matchmaking.” They talk about all things mental health recovery and the power of relationships, how to meet the right person and what to look out for in a positive relationship. 
    Forensic and Relationship Psychologist Dr Angela Smith and transformational empowerment coach, dating & relationship expert Genevieve Gresset share their tips on the first episode of Recovery Road.

    Sophie says: “I’m so excited to launch my first podcast after training as a broadcast journalist and working for Channel 4 News, it has always been my dream to have my own show sharing my passions in mental health, wellbeing and fitness as well as, shining a light on important stories of recovery, hope and healing.

    “Recovery Road is my way of giving back to the world and to help other people who are on their healing journey too. 

    “I’ve previously experienced a range of addictions, eating disorders and mental health problems. But I’ve somehow clawed my way from a life of self harm to self love through self-care and tons of therapy!

    “And I still have talking therapies, Reiki treatments, Dance Therapy, Fitness therapy and practice self-care as well as taking medication to manage my mental health problems. I know no one size fits all when it comes to care and treatment, and I am always exploring what works for me and others because so many of us don’t fit in the box and are often shunned or pushed away by services. 

    “Recovery Road is non-judgemental and we listen with an open mind and chat about a range of issues to help everyone who strives to succeed in mind, body, home, life and at work. 

    “I hope it helps those of us on a wellbeing journey to success.” On this week’s episode Sophie talks about “work” that works to help our mental health and wellbeing with popular  online influencer and Mum Boss author Vicki Broadbent who is originally from Leeds.
    Sophie said: “We spend a lot of our life focusing on our career and ambitions but too often we neglect our mental health, fitness and wellbeing in the process.

    “My friend and inspiration Vicki is testament to the fact that you can survive and thrive at home and at work.”

    Recovery Road by Sophie Mei Lan is available now on Apple podcasts, Spotify and all major podcasting platforms. You can listen direct by going to https//:mamamei.co.uk or https://recoveryroad.buzzsprout.com
  • LISTEN NOW TO EPISODE 1: Matchmaking and Mental Health Recovery: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1451554/6121423SUBSCRIBE AND

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  • Aline Rodrigues Lima Evans
    March 11, 2021 1:51 pm

    Hi Sophie, I came across your website and noticed that you were looking for Health and Wellbeing Professionals to support your podcast. I’m a Health and Wellbeing Coach with more than 20 years of experience in the field and I’m very interested to find out more about how I could collaborate to your channel. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Aline


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