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The biggest transformation to our “diets” can come from our mindset around the way we see food and nutrition. If you comfort eat or your eating is based on emotions… this episode will help you to debunk dieting-fads and actually feel-good about food.
With my candidly honest crew of business owners who speak about their ‘food confessions’ and myself who has binged and starved myself in the past… we want you to recover from the grip of negative self-talk.

Lizzi Owiredu Msc AKA Nutricoachmumma – Qualified Nutritionist and Chef – Owner of NutriCoach shares her top tips for intuitive eating and nutrition planning alongside my friends Amy Downes aka The Content Planning Wizard who runs her business from home with two little ones as does our other guest Sheryl Wynn the ‘healing from trauma’ birthing doula from Simply Natal.

Top Nutrition Tips: 

Try to listen to what your body needs, rather than what the media is telling you. There are no good or bad foods, they just do different things in your body. Unless you will be on a diet for your whole life, try to work on small sustainable changes that you will carry-on…

Lizzi, who says she herself overcame fears of failure in favour of finding a love of food, says:

“I decided to instead fuel myself with determination and love of all things food to succeed .

“I trained to become a Chef and loved the science behind food so decided to study to become a Nutritionist. After obtaining an MSc in Nutrition, I worked in academic Research and then at a home for young women with life controlling issues before starting my own Nutrition coaching and consultancy, NutriCoach.”
 And Lizzi has found her own healing through her faith and prayer and asking for support when she needs it:
“I have learnt that determination doesn’t mean saying yes to everything and putting boundaries in has been so useful in helping my mental health.”

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