Mind and Body: Intuitive eating and healthy hacks

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Mind Challenge

Try Intuitive Eating:
As NutriCoach Mumma Lizzi explains: “Intuitive eating is a mindset that embraces our natural biology which can help you lose, gain or maintain weight.
“It can also help you positively change your relationship with food and body image.
E.g: “If you don’t eat when hungry you risk getting excessively hungry and trigger a primal drive to overeat. Restrictions are linked to eating disorders. Hunger is a biological signal we can learn to trust, if we ignore it the body retains fats, which is one of the reasons it’s really easy to get stuck in dieting circles.”

Intuitive Eating Top Tips:
Eat what you want when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full; a skill we’re born with but there’s loads of noise and influence from diet culture of restrictive diets that may yield results but cause long-term damage to food attitudes and body image.
There are no bad foods. You’re not ‘good’ for eating some things & ‘bad’ for eating others. Diet culture has created these damaging concepts and they can echo inside us.
Honour your health through gentle Nutrition.
Eat tasty, nutritionally balanced foods and don’t beat yourself up for one unhealthy snack.

Life Hack

Make Healthy Swaps:
Swap a sedentary activity to a movement-based activity
Swap unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks
Rather than eat stood up, sit down to eat
Take a 20-minute power nap rather than social media scroll
Swap Sugary hits with Breathing Exercises or a rest first
If you’re taking ‘diet pills’ or ‘fat burners’ just drink caffeine instead (green tea or coffee!). Caffeine is the best supplement for fat loss (if you must have one!)

Did you Know?


Women should aim for 3-4 full body workouts per week, slightly more volume, higher reps (7-9) and shorter rest periods than men. As women tend to recover better and get less injured.


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