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Ever since childhood, what I wear and what shape my body is has been subject to scrutiny from society, professionals and peers. I have grown up in a world where we feed children our own prejudices of what, more acutely, women should look and dress like.

At times I have tried to conform to whatever ‘norm’ is acceptable and at other points of my life I have well and truly rebelled.
Now people think I am rebellious, but actually I have got to a point in my life where I have and am judged more than ever about what I look like and what I wear because I am a woman with a voice, who makes her own choices and worst still, (thank you online world for making me fully aware of the underlying misogyny that remains rife), I now have the confidence to wear what I want to wear because I want to.

The only thing I make myself wear is a sports bra as much as I enjoy lockdown life bra-free, I know I need this for my regular bursts of HIIT, dance fitness and resistance sessions at home.

Most days I will be adorned in feel-good activewear whilst working from home, juggling kids and making sure I keep moving to boost my productivity, rather than just sit at a screen. And sometimes I even put on a sparkly dress at home because it makes me feel good… as they say why keep waiting for a special occasion, being alive is enough of an occasion!

But because a lot of my work is media facing and online, I know I am open to criticism and trolling and whilst I am happy to be fairly challenged on my opinions, life would be boring living on my own inside my own echo chamber after all, what I no longer tolerate is critique over my clothes and especially not over my body.

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