UNLIKELY HEALERS: From External Luxuries to Inner Tranquility – How I’ve gone from a city dweller to a nature loving “tree hugger”

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If you’d have said that my mental breakdown recovery journey would take me from a city-dwelling journalist self-proclaimed ‘chav mum’ who’s “only walking when it’s through shopping centres” to writing about the natural rhythms of life, teaching barefoot yoga and discovering the power of complementary therapies to connect with the universe and my solar plexus, I would have choked on my Chakras and shop-bought coffee as I unwillingly wrote about how nature is central to our ‘emotional and physical health.’

But sometimes in our darkest moments, do we find our deepest transformations and only have I truly started to heal as I connected with the wonders of the universe through a range of holistic treatments.

From decluttering my mind through mindful walking and meditation to energy healing through Reiki, dealing with trauma through manifestation and de-stressing the grip of an eating disorder through aromatherapy (which uses essential oils plant extracts) and anchoring myself with Qi Gong and learning to teach Yoga and now Face Yoga!

But it seems I’m not alone in my unlikely healing journey as my friends have had similar experiences.
From working in waste to healing skin and self confidence, Glam Aesthetics CEO and Co-Founder of Glam and Grow group Abigayle Andre, a holistic skin expert, says:

I used to work in the waste sector but it just wasn’t my calling anymore. I love business but I wanted to help people, specifically women become their best selves, starting with their skin. Your skin is a line of defence for the immune system – it also has a direct affect on self confidence. I take a 360 approach to help women feel good, look good and have better health. Quite different to dealing with skips, landfill and recycling!

Stressed teacher turned Holistic Healer specialising in Reflexology, Reiki and Hypnotherapist Abi Fenton, said:

I’ve gone from not knowing anything about how to support my own mental health to being a complementary therapist specialising in supporting other people’s mental health due to my journey.

My down-to-earth Qi Gong instructor has somewhat swapped the underground rock music scene where he would be found gigging, beer swilling and bouncing to loud music for the quietude of a holistic therapy room practicing alternative therapies.

Mark Whitmore, of Beyond Healing, says:

Both worlds are very different, I have learned through direct experience that the world of music and the world of healing are both a part of nature’s dance and have the ability to send healing through our souls.

Former make-up artist and “party girl” Samantha Justice Wheeler has pivoted from commercial photo shoots to photographing wildflowers and retraining as a life coach at Lemon Tree.

I honestly don’t know where I would be without nature. It heals, restores and uplifts my spirit. I used to be an urban chick, out most weekends, going to nightclubs and getting home in the early hours of the morning. Then one day my dad gave me his old Nikon camera. My first reaction was to go outdoors and photograph a flower.Hours went by with me hardly even noticing. I had a lot on my mind that day and discovered my problems were no longer at the forefront of my mind. I wanted more…So I started walking , more and more regularly. Going further and further out into the countryside. And taking more and more photographs. I saw barn owls hunting in the snow, Kites circling my head, fox’s hunting, a stoat on the run… Photography has made me appreciate the tiny details, and the beauty that is all around us! I am now much more mindful and live more In the moment without worrying about the future quite so much. This I discovered was my healing, this was my medicine.

From corporate banker turned celebrity mindset and self-love coach, mum-of-two Jill Ritchie says:

I was on a great salary but so unhappy and disconnected from my kids and most of all myself. Instead of drinking yet more wine and taking anti-anxiety medications, I tried a basic meditation course, it was transformational and untapped the power within me, connecting me to my inner desires.

So it’s no coincidence that as this week marks Maternal Mental Health Week with the theme of recovery and next week is Mental Health Awareness Week with nature as it’s focus as well as it being National Walking Month and Walkshire!

As I find myself excitedly messaging my own spiritually connected artist mother who first introduced her reluctant daughter to Homeopathy many moons ago which complemented my hard-core medication with natural remedies and visualisations, “Mama tell me all about the Chakras!” I realise just how transformed I truly am!

With a deep peace inside I enjoy straddling the joys of one whole world so you can still find me enjoying my local The Ridings Shopping Centre in Wakefield but now enjoying their rooftop allotments, charity shops, The Art House and creative offering there as well, all whilst sipping on an independent bought coffee in a reusable cup these days. The perfect hybrid for this city living nature loving lass!

Read more from Sophie at https://yorkshirefamilies.co.uk and https://sparkleupnorth.com

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