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Self – leadership’, is critical for me to achieve more success for less stress. To do this I have worked out what I need to
practise and this is all about accessing and boosting my 9 superpowers.

Writes Claire Walton, Executive Leadership Coach and Founder of Leaders Are MAD – Making A
Difference https://www.leadersaremad.co.uk and Best-Selling Author of ‘Super Neuro You’ to make some of what she do accessible to anyone. 

These superpowers also influence my robust mental and physical health. I can also identify
what zaps these superpowers and apply the routines, tools, and techniques that I
share with my clients and in “Super Neuro You” to manage my own mental health.
Running my own business can be stressful if I allow it to be. I choose not to allow it
to be. Choice is a superpower. I remind myself regularly that I am choosing to run
my own business. I chose my clients, I chose what I do, how I do it and when I do it.

Reminding myself I have choice is an incredibly helpful way of managing my own
mental health.

My business ‘Leaders are MAD’, is all about making a difference.

My purpose is to make a difference for my clients, to enable them to make a difference for themselves
and for this to have a ripple effect of positivity for their teams, organisation, and customers. Connecting with the reason why I do what I do is another critical pillar supporting my mental health. Connection is another superpower! Another form of
connection is the connection I make with others. I don’t network, I connect.

I give my time and skills generously to others all the time as part of my everyday interactions
with them. It boosts my self-esteem to help others and this generosity is often
reciprocated when I need it. I am not afraid to ask for help.

I prioritise self – compassion and put my mental and physical health needs as
priority above everything else.

This is core to being able to manage my business
effectively. I schedule my daily exercise, planning time, working time, reflection time
and personal development time on a daily and weekly basis.

I rarely compromise on this discipline and if I do my mental health and performance are compromised.
Prioritising my needs helps me stay calm, another superpower.

If I am not in ‘Peak performance’ condition this will affect my ability to access all my other superpowers,
which are also the secret to business success. After all, what business can be
successful without curiosity, clarity, creativity, confidence, and courage (These are
the remaining superpowers)?

I am not perfect; I sometimes ignore my own advice
and when I do I find I can catch the change in me early on through journaling and
spending time reflecting with my own coach.

To purchase a copy of Claire’s best-selling book please visit https://amzn.to/3tIlnsb
to find out more about Claire please visit https://www.leadersaremad.co.uk or
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @leadersaremad


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