WOMEN’S WELLNESS PLAN: Person-first wellbeing programmes… Plan your energy cycle workout.

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Create your own power plan to supercharge your life!

We shop to find a range of styles, sizes, and features, so that a product or service fulfils our individual requirements and what one item suits one person or appeals to another may not suit the next.

Whilst we might witness certain trends and gain a better understanding of mass appeal, at the same time, the best customer service or in this case fitness programmes are human-centered around the individual they’re tailored to.

Whilst there are obviously many anatomical differences between genders, differing nutritional requirements, hormone differences, and bone density considerations (Women typically reach peak bone density between 25 and 30, and bone density typically starts gradually decreasing around age 35 — more slowly at first, then faster as oestrogen production decreases during menopause for example).⁠

Wakefield-based women’s wellbeing practitioner Sarah Leah Cobham who works holistically with an individual’s evolving energy cycles, says: “Females from 35 years old should take Red Clover to help combat decreasing oestrogen. “It’s a natural oestrogen that balances out hormone fluxes and helps our bodies with energy levels which affect our mental well being.”

Plus there are a number of societal barriers and extra pressures historically placed on women such as their roles in the home, at work, and body image pressures as well as stigma around weight lifting and gaining “too much muscle.” Yet women don’t produce as much testosterone as men and at the end of the day exercise isn’t superficial and merely about aesthetics, it’s about the movement we all need to live longer healthier lives.


Hormones: Training and nutrition plan 


As hormones play a big factor when it comes to a woman’s health and fitness in terms of nutrition and exercise. Individuals need to work with their own energy cycles, to supercharge themselves rather than battle against natural rhythms such as the Circadian Rhythm (sleep-wake cycle, impacting all humans) and the Infradian Rhythm of the menstrual cycle for women during their reproductive years.


After all, female bodies are even more complex and advanced than the best developed software as they are built to print 3d babies. Which leads to more adaptations if women become pregnant!


As Alisa Vitti, author of the Woman Code Author, points out who adopts a positive mindset around a woman’s ‘Power Cycle’ (which a woman experiences between puberty and menopause) which she breaks down into different phases:


  • Follicular phase (before you ovulate, after your period) can be a great time to stimulate and begin new projects and collaborate.

  • Ovulatory phase (when you’re ovulating) is a good time to open up and work with new people.

  • Luteal phase (before you have your period) can be a time to take action although sleep can be disturbed at this point as Our Remedy’s Doctor Ramlah Tariq explains: “Your hormones adjust during the luteal phase of your cycle there are decreased melatonin secretions.

  • Then your Menstrual phase (your period) is downtime and inward time to evaluate life. Alisa Vitti says: “It’s not focused on the what for women, it’s the when. A beautiful balance nature provides for women.”

As holistic skin specialist, Abigayle Andre, a former bodybuilder, explains that when you’re menstruating it’s important to switch your usual running routine or lifting weights for example with Yoga, Pilates or a walk in nature.

She says: “During this phase, our body wants to rest and recoup – so going hard at the HIIT or weights is counterproductive during this time. Adequate rest and recovery are just as important as an activity when it comes to our health!”

It’s incredible how our hormones can impact our total wellbeing so it’s vital that health and fitness professionals understand the whole woman and take into account her individual needs and of course, for us to listen to our own mind and body when looking after our health.

Regardless of gender, creating your own ‘Power Plan’ or ideally with the assistance of a holistic wellness specialist, we can feel invigorated and work with our minds and bodies to achieve peak performance and achieve our optimal feel-good factor!

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Did You Know? 

One way is to memorise the 5 Reiki precepts, this is an excellent technique to help you to start your days on the right foot, there are a few different interpretations of this and I have included one below,

Just for today do not anger

Just for today do not worry

Just for today, I will be grateful

Just for today, I will respect every living thing

Just for today, I will earn my living honestly

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Life Hack 

Create your own power plan to supercharge your life!

“Burnout is not good for you or your business.

“Schedule time for self-care and other interests and see it as a different type of productivity.”

Holistic skincare specialist Abigayle Andre, Glam Aesthetic for AD:VENTURE blog and @mamameiblog

Self care for Start Ups – Managing your mental health

Mind Challenge 

How to protect yourself from energy vampires (negative people):

Shield: Visualise a protective shield around you (imagine you’re in a snow globe!)

Intention: Make the intention e.g. Clear negative energy or mentally rehearse.

Grounding:  Anchor yourself using your favourite grounding technique before meeting someone who drains you or facing a challenging situation.

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Workout 1

Full body workout

(Resistance band and rucksack required)

1.) Air squat  x10

2.) Push up shoulder tap x10

3.) Mountain climbers  x10 (each side)

Repeat 3-4 sets, Rest 60-90 seconds between each round.

Workout 2

Full body workout

1.) Reverse lunges / forward lunge  x5 (each side)

2.) Pike push up x10-15

3.) Alternating leg raises x20 (10 each side)

Repeat as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes.

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