Eco-Fitness: Green gyms, conscious training and going Carbon Neutral tips for gym-goers and fitness businesses

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Normally getting our steps in, is a ‘step in the right direction’ unless it comes to our carbon footprint, which is why eco fitness aka green gyms, carbon neutral classes and conscious training isn’t just ‘another trend,’ it’s a necessity.

A carbon footprint is simply what negative impact our training or fitness may have on the environment. Whilst prevention is always better than cure some things may be challenging, so let’s be realistic and do our best to be eco-conscious.


People often mistakenly assume that green gyms are purely outdoor pursuits when in fact, a new wave of purpose-filled people are wanting to ensure that their training reflects their ethics and that the gyms and classes they attend make a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment.

So whether you’re training or working in the fitness industry, here are some top tips to help combat climate change.


7 ways to train ethically: 

– Download charity apps such as Charity Miles “for your training. The app tracks your stance and donates money to your chosen charity for every mile you move. The Nature Conservancy, The National Park Foundation and WWF are among those you can pick,” explains the Evening Standard.

- Use reuseable bottles for water refills, reusable coffee cups, make your own protein shakes/smoothies and use your own shaker and prep food for tupperware rather than takeaways

- Ethical gym wear clothing: Shop for ethical brands from vegan trainers to recycled fabrics

– Reduce travel i.e. walk or jog to the gym rather than drive or catch a bus

– Maybe swap your fitness or yoga retreat abroad for somewhere closer to home

– Adjust your diet: Eat more plant-based can be great for your health and it needn’t cost the earth too. Buy groceries from surplus food projects or your local allotment for example.

– Train outdoors more: From your garden to park or just going on a walk or jog is simple, easy and gives you chance to stretch outside or do some grounding


Obviously a lot of businesses are digital first nowadays and it can seem easier for solely digital businesses to track their footprints and reduce them too. But there are a number of ways all businesses can try and reduce their carbon footprint, such as, going paperless, walk to work initiatives, signing up to carbon neutral sites and making pledges to offset their footprint e.g. planting a tree.

Whilst the digital world can still be harmful to the environment it doesn’t equate to the save on the planet that ‘going digital’ offers.


9 ways to run an eco friendly class or gym: 

– Human generated energy: Some gyms are cycling to better health for themselves and the planet. There are a number of machines to help you run your gym effectively and even use human power – a renewable and clean energy source.

Energym, for example, has developed retro-fitted devices that convert existing gym equipment into clean energy generators.

– Ban single-use plastics

– Paperless admin: go digitise where possible

– Encourage recycling or digital correspondence

– Save on electricity and gas where possible and reduce your own bills too

– Charity challenges to help with environmental charities

– Incentivise healthy eating, moving and living with challenges

– Reduce travel: From carpooling to walking or using public transport where possible

– Encourage team building activities outdoors and maybe even ones that help the local area or even a clothes swap


With more millennials looking for purpose-based activities over the ‘new accessory’ – not only can becoming carbon-neutral help the planet but also your business too. After all, we all love businesses with shared values and it can really help foster relationships locally.


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