7 sustainable beauty tips for the first week of Advent

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You may have heard of ‘fast fashion’ but have you heard of ‘fast beauty’?

So to counter this trend here are 7 sustainable beauty tips for the first week of Advent: 

The countdown to the most wonderful time of the year has started.

But rather than opening windows to new products every day during advent, why not say no to “fast beauty” and make simple sustainable changes to clean up your beauty and skincare regime in December?

To help, the sustainability experts at Lifestyle Packaging have created the world’s first 100% eco-friendly beauty advent calendar, with each window revealing a top tip or simple swap.

If you’re feeling inspired to give it a go, here’s the first week’s tips behind windows one to seven…

1st December: Say no to fast beauty

It can be easy to become swept up in the latest skincare and makeup trends, but doing so will only leave you with a mountain of unfinished products that are destined for landfill.

Instead, try limiting your routine to three or four key products that you’re guaranteed to use.

2nd December: Seek out marine extracts and algae 

Marine extracts and algae are powerhouses for your skin. They’re also incredibly eco-friendly as they turn CO2 into oxygen as they grow, meaning your cream, serum or mask will have already offset most, if not all, of the carbon it took to produce it and get it to you.

But remember, do your research to find a brand that sources its marine extracts from a sustainable, local source.

3rd December: Switch to cold water halfway through washing

During winter especially, we rely on the hot water tap more often. But hot water uses more energy and generates more CO2 than cold water.

It’s also a common misconception that hot water is safer for killing germs – research has found cold water is just as effective.

4th December: Don’t always accept free samples

Free samples might seem like harmless fun, but single-use sachets are terrible for the environment since they cannot be recycled.

If you’re hoping to test a product before committing to buying, see if there’s the option to try the product in store instead.

5th December: Go large with your hero products

If you have that holy grail product you know you’re going to buy again and again, why not buy it in the largest size available to save on packaging waste and energy emissions?

Supersize products are also likely to be the most cost-effective for your bank balance, so it pays to make this simple swap. Just be sure to check the use-by date and judge whether you’ll be able to finish it up in time.

6th December: Say no to black plastic

Black plastic packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle as the filtering machines struggle to pick up the black pigment, meaning they often end up in landfill despite your best intentions.

While the majority of supermarkets have pledged to reduce their use of black plastic packaging, the beauty industry has been slower to respond.

7th December: Check for in-store recycling schemes

Some beauty brands have started offering their own recycling schemes where customers can bring used products back to their local store to help recycle packaging that otherwise would go to landfill, so check first before throwing away any bottles and packaging.

You may even be able to get some money off your next purchase as a reward!

If you’d like to find out about more easy ways to clean up your beauty regime in December, check out Lifestyle Packaging’s interactive advent calendar here.

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