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After another rollercoaster year, most people are intending to get active this New Year and prioritise health, but how do we set resolutions or goals that are sustainable rather than unrealistic. Dry January and Veganuary are great for January but what about from February onwards?

  • Try exercising, moving, stretching, or dancing within an hour of waking up. Do all the things for YOU at the start of the day. Brand Story’s Donald Miller goes to the gym and does all of his self-care in the morning and won’t make any meetings until 1pm. You could even plot out your exercise timetable whilst enjoying a morning coffee.

  • Habit stacking: If you do a daily routine without thinking e.g. boiling the kettle add some star jumps in or some stretching every time you do that specific task.

  • Find exercise that you enjoy: Whether that be Bellydance or Fitness classes with me or Yoga with my friend Dani or even a HIIT class. I may be a ‘serial entrepreneur’ but I find my best ideas, strategies, and solutions come from taking space to move and create.

  • Smart Swaps: Replace your lunch break stuck at the screen, to go on a jog or attend an exercise class.

  • Walk more: Swap online shopping with in-person to get in that walk you keep putting off.

  • Activewear: 69 percent of people say that having nice workout clothing that they enjoy putting on helps push them to exercise.
    TIP: Set your #activewear out by your bed the night before so you can jump into it as soon as you get up.

I tend to wear smart activewear most days so I can run to meetings or attend them and build in time to move too. We have finally seen the trend of Ath-Leisure take off in the UK too. Oh, and if you’re on video calls, you can always throw on a smart jumper with those tracksuit bottoms.


Anything is better than nothing when it comes to getting moving this New Year, be realistic, set yourself attainable goals that are mini wins and then reward yourself regularly for adopting a better routine. By rewards try not to include unhelpful coping mechanisms you may have done previously.

You’ll find you can work smarter and more efficiently, the more you take time to exercise. 

For more on how to get fit in mind, body, and business this New Year, go to: https://sparklecommunications / or tag me @TheSparkleCoach 

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