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January serves as the ideal motivation to ‘get fit’ and join a gym, but after this initial surge in motivation, many people return to old habits. But fear not, with the right plan you can sustain your health and fitness goals all year round.

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  1. Find a membership that suits your needs
    With so many of us busier than ever, it’s hard enough finding time to sign up to a gym let alone attend one, so it’s vital you find somewhere that fits into your life, rather than adding additional pressure. By incorporating fitness into your schedule, you’ll find that you save time as your productivity will be boosted and you’ll have more energy. Much more productive than a brain dulling 30 minutes getting lost in a social media scroll hole.
    Cedar Court Hotels have an ideal flexible fitness membership FITFLEX in Bradford and Huddersfield where you can just use a fob to access the gym 7 days a week from 5.30 am-10 pm. Fuss-free and simple to use.
    But no one size fits all, so if you’re looking for more of a Leisure Club setting, complete with a pool, sauna, and steam room, then Cedar Court Wakefield may be ideal for you.
  2. Make SMART Goals
    Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”
    Many people have the best intentions but they are often unrealistic, leaving you feeling like a series of consecutive fails rather than wins. But the good news is it’s not you, it’s how you have set your goals.
    To start with making sure you book an induction or tour of the gym to chat through your goals and to start mapping out your strategy to execute your plan.
    You want it to complement your life, rather than add stress. Get support to this when you join.
    You can watch more on SMART goal setting here:
  3. Create a new routine
    Book it in your diary like a meeting, actually, your health is much more important but we tend
    to push it to the bottom of our priority list. Part of the problem is that other people don’t respect the gym as a necessary appointment for you. So even if you have to lie to start with until people take not of how transformative this time is for you. Use the first couple of weeks of joining to find what routine suits your life. If you tend to avoid exercise, try and add your gym ‘meeting’ earlier on in a day. It’s a great way to focus for the rest of the day.
    Plus with the FITFLEX membership, you can just easily fob your way in and do a productive 30-minute focused workout. Completing three exercises (push-pull-push for example) three times can be beneficial.
  4. Enjoy what you do
    We can have the mindset that exercise is a necessary evil when actually it is self-care. Plus
    the better we feel, the more likely we are to achieve are to continue the routine. Rather than punish yourself for not meeting a milestone, instead set yourself mini wins and work out how to celebrate your success. E.g. If I work out three times a week for the next month, I will treat myself to a hotel stay of Ministry of Fun activity because you get 15 percent off with your membership.
  5. How to avoid Plateau
    It’s inevitable you will plateau at some point if you’re not regularly upping the bar. Set
    yourself regular challenges, vary your routine, and find an accountability buddy.

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