Mental Health Blog Awards: We don’t create raw, real and relatable…

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Mental Health Blog Awards: Vlogger of the Year

It can be lonely as a content creator but knowing there’s a community who appreciate you means everything.

I don’t create raw, real and relatable content to win awards but winning Vlogger of the Year for my YouTube channel and social media vlogs means the world as It’s given me the sparkle I needed to get my flow back too. THANK YOU!

What’s your go to content creation? My go-to has always been video whatever my mood as long as I have the energy hence why I film in an early morning. For me it’s easy now I’ve done it so much but it’s also really powerful to communicate a message because people get to know you and your story can come to life.

My reaction post @sophiemeilan_

Resilience is about how we get up and sparkle it’s not about never getting knocked down … What are you grateful for?
There’s nowt like the good and bad of life to kick you up the backside… well for me anyway. So after a rollercoaster recently, yesterday I received the news I’d won Vlogger of the Year at Mental Health blog awards @mhblogawards @thereelanna I don’t share my #perfectlyimperfect mind and life to win awards and I too struggle at times with confidence but I’ve chosen to put myself out there sharing the #gritandgloss of life.
Thanks to all your messages that keep me sharing my sh** and proper good stuff. Thanks so so much as it helps me too and our online community means the world @sparklecic

I’m getting back into a positive mindset as I’ve had a lot going on personally but it’s been so challenging it’s helped me to realise I either become a situation I can’t control as much as I can take action AND I CHOOSE to be free and live my life and thrive. So this week is getting my morning and evening routine on track to help me cope better because I have so much to be grateful for as I love my work/passion, my community, my friends and family and I still have a roof over my head. #perfectlyimperfectlife #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #yorkshire @yorkshirefamilies

Life is like a sparkle full of light and shade. But that’s why we sparkle 🥰🥰🥰

Peace, Love & Sparkles

Sophie Mei Lan

@SparkleCIC @SophieMeiLan

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