What is Crystal healing and how does it work?

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Crystal Healing is believed to balance our energy flow and in a typical Crystal Healing session crystals are placed along the energy line of the body on the ‘chakras,’ aka the power points. 

DIY Crystal Healing at home: 

If you want to DIY some crystal healing at home- you can place/carry crystals with you such as Jade to promote health and clear quartz for healing. You can place them by windows or plants to charge them up. 

  • Select a crystal you need in your life and experiment with this healing technique. 
  • Rose Quartz is powerful when worn close to the heart and promotes love. 
  • Turquoise aligns all chakras and promotes healing. 

Did You Know?

Crystals need to be charged with intent, or with the “mission” you give them! So it can be for protection, self-love, increased intuition etc…

And a crystal absorbs energies so unless you gift it to somebody (and they then need to charge them with their own energy and intent), keep your crystals where no one else can touch them. 

Life Hack: 

Crystals all have different properties, and can be used in correspondence with the chakras’ colours. 

 Best ways of DIY Crystal healing at home: choose crystals you are drawn to if you haven’t seen a practitioner, that is the best way to start. If you have been recommended to help release chakra blockages in particular ask the practitioner what colour or crystal they’d recommend- or go for the colour and choose what you are drawn to.

Regularly cleanse your crystals in the moonlight, sunlight, water, salt or buried in your garden. Beware! Not all crystals can go in the water and the moon or sun energies are used for different purposes so research or ask a specialist! 

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