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Hiya, I’m Sophie Mei Lan aka Mama Mei – a single mum, journalist, mental health & wellbeing blogger/vlogger, business owner, professional dancer and positive affirmation queen! … I hope you can join our journey to feeling stronger in mind, body, soul and life.

We share mental health, wellbeing and fitness tips as well as inspiring stories, motivational quotes, self care hacks and a lot of candid content so you know you’re not alone.

If you’ve always struggled to ‘fit in’ but strive to succeed and are a non-judgemental diamond (“life is always rocky when you’re a gem”) then this is the place for you to explore positive ways of embracing your past and empowering yourself to have a sparkly future.

It is also my own real life recovery journey too – raw, revealing and bold.

I have battled mental illness, abuse, eating disorders and other addictions but through professional support, building a community of cheerleaders, feel-good fitness, dance, writing, vlogging and smiles…

I am well on my way of thriving (not in-spite of…) because of my challenges!
“Life is a rollercoaster! Just gotta ride it…” and release yourself from shame, fear and regret because today is a “new day” and now is a “new moment.”
I try to strut over life’s hurdles, even though sometimes I stagger, but I always get there in the end and you can too, in your own special way.

“Make your own kind of Music, Sing your own Special Song”

Peace, Love and Shimmies

Sophie xxx

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"Building Strength in Mind, Body & Soul together through my candid blogs, vlogs, featuring experts, tips and your real life stories..."

Sophie Mei Lan

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